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Great Wall of China Photo

Great Wall of China Photo taken from Badaling Gate in October 2012. This travel photo was taken just before the winter where I am told that the this entire place would be covered in snow. As it was my first time at the Great Wall, I choose to climb it via the Badaling Gate which is one of the most popular areas and has the hardest section to climb. A dream come true for me as this was on my bucket list for travel. I can only dream of going back to visit this place but this time, through another gate.

Panorama photo of the Great Wall of China

The picture above is a Panoramic picture of the Great Wall from Badaling. I managed to climb up to the third tower to catch this shot. Please click on it to see the full size picture. You can also view my Forbidden City Panoramic Pictures as I visited this amazing place during my stay here. My trip to Beijing was via AirAsiaX as this was the preferred budget long haul airline. As this is my third Wonder of the World visited, I am pretty much happy to see this amazing place and hope you enjoy my Great Wall of China Photo.


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