Hello Kitty Town Johor Pictures

Photos of Hello Kitty Town Johor Malaysia

These Hello Kitty Town in Johor Pictures was taken by me during a visit to this newly opened theme park in Puteri Harbour in 2012.

This unique indoor theme park is housed inside the main building and is also shared with two other attractions, The Little Big Club and Lat's Place (to open in December 2012). Puteri Harbour is located in the Iskandar region and very near Legoland Malaysia.

Update Nov 2019 - Hello Kitty Town in Johor will be closing at the end of 2019.

Hello Kitty Town Johor Pictures

Pictures of Hello Kitty Town in Johor
Hello Kitty at Puteri Harbour building in Johor

Hello Kitty Town is also the first theme park in Japan; therefore, if you have always been a fan of the cute kitten, this is your mecca.

Overall, the attraction is pretty unique, but from my personal point of view, come here only if you have kids or if you have been a serious fan.

If you are planning on just coming to see this place, be prepared to spend at least two hours max here. If you are coming with children, be ready to spend at least 4 to 6 hours at both places. 

Anyway, I will not be writing much as this is only a photo post to show those interested in what is available inside the Hello Kitty Theme Park in Puteri Harbour, Johor.

Pictures are all taken by me and in no order. Click on the pictures for the entire image, and descriptions are under each photo & ticket. Finally, theme park information is at the end of the post.

Signs outside Puteri Harbour Complex

Malaysia Hello Kitty Town Photo
The entrance is seen from the first floor of the park.

Ticket Counter Hello Kitty Town Johor
Hello Kitty Town Ticket Counter

L - Wall montage of the characters, R - Red Bow Cafe at the entrance

Entrance to Kitty Town
Main Entrance to Hello Kitty Town
Access to Hello Kitty Town Johor

Johor Hello Kitty Town Photo
Inside Hello Kitty Town, Johor

Hello Kitty Town Teacup Ride
Hello Kitty Teacup Ride

L - Daniel and Kitty appearance, R - Showtimes at Hello Kitty Town Johor

Hello Kitty House and Museum

Inside the park, there is a walkthrough of Hello Kitty's house, where you go past a living room, kitchen, wardrobe room, bedroom, and hall.

Everything in here is just branded with Hello Kitty. If you are trying to take photos, be prepared to be patient here, especially on weekends, as everybody here wants to take pictures.

Wardrobe Hello Kitty Town
Hello Kitty Wardrobe

Kitchen Hello Kitty Town
Hello Kitty Kitchen

Hello Kitty Bathroom

Hello Kitty Town Gambar
Hello Kitty Bed\

Inside Hello Kitty Town Johor

Hello Kitty Town Wishful Studio
Wishful Studio

Friendship Land

Hello Kitty Town Heartful Forest
Heartful Forest

Hello Kitty Black Wonder

I was taken aback when I saw a Black Hello Kitty. It is a story like a game inside the park where Kitty and Daniel are captured, and you are given a lamp to carry around and try to solve a puzzle here.

Overall, I found this quite different and worth trying. Here's a tip - take note of everything as you enter Black Wonder.

Black Wonder Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Black Wonder in Johor

Black Wonder crest

Start of the Black Wonder game

 Main Black Wonder chambers

 L - Room with giant Kitty statues, R - A Golden Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty and Daniel are captured and locked up in Black Wonder.

Finally, when you are done with Black Wonder, it is the end of the indoor park. You head out the same way you came in, passing all the attractions again.

When you exit the indoor park on the first floor, your next destination is the second park on the second floor. After you are done there, head back down, and you will see the Hello Kitty Town gift shop, which is enormous.

Hello Kitty Gift Shop in Johor

Below are some panoramic and normal photos taken at the Hello Kitty Town gift shop, one of the most popular places after your experience here. 

Panoramic shot of the gift shop in Puteri Harbor (Click to see full size)

Another panoramic photo of Hello Kitty Town gift shop

Hello Kitty Town gift shop

Limited Edition Hello Kitty Town Doll selling at RM89.90

Some of the items on sale at the gift store

Hello Kitty Town ticket picture and activity card

Hello Kitty Town Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices for Hello Kitty Land, Johor;
  •  RM65 (regular price) and RM50 (MyKad).
  • The combined 2 parks (Hello Kitty Town and Little Big Club) tickets will cost RM110 (regular) & RM85 (MyKad).
  • Update: Please note the prices may have increased since the writing of this article. 
Hello Kitty Town opening hours;
  • 10.00 am to 6.00 pm daily starting Friday, 28th October 2012.
  • For ticketing inquiries: +603 8775 4666
  • The hotline is operational from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on weekdays
  • Update Nov 2019 - Hello Kitty Town in Johor will be closing at the end of 2019. 
Photos of Hello Kitty Cakes
Hello Kitty Cakes, anyone?

Would you go? If you have kids who love Hello Kitty, Barney, Bob the Builder, Pingu and other cartoons, this attraction is definitely a must-visit place.

Hello Kitty Town in Johor is located in Puteri Harbour, in the Nusajaya area. It will be one of the main tourist attractions apart from the much-talked-about Legoland Malaysia.

For those who would also like to indulge in some shopping, the Johor Premium Outlets or JPO are also around the vicinity of Nusajaya. For directions to get here, please click on the link above.


For those planning to overnight in Johor, numerous hotels are available in the Nusajaya and Danga Bay area and around JB town.

Weekends can get pretty crowded, as when I got in on a Saturday night, all the hotels were full. So best to book ahead. The indoor park may be cold so bring a sweater if you need to.

I would suggest you charge those camera batteries and make sure you get some excellent Hello Kitty Town Johor pictures, as they will surely be worth the memory.

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