2 Oct 2012

Sabah Sunset at Mantanani Island

Sabah Sunset at Mantanani Island is my picture for the week. I took this picture from the Bembaran Resort jetty at Mantanani Besar Island. Known for the amazing diving and spectacular sunsets, this island can be reached in under three hours from Kota Kinabalu city. The island also offers day trips for snorkeling and also overnight trips for scuba diving. 

There are only three resorts on the island and one of the mains ones here is called Bembaran Beach Resort located on the main island among the two islands here. Note that Diving at Mantanani Island is the primary reason for those visiting here. For photographers, you can indulge in bird watching as the island is known for some rare species of birds. Otherwise you can simply settle for a beautiful Sabah Sunset at Mantanani Island.
Meitzeu said...

Matanani has a really gorgeous beach there. :)
I wish some day I can visit there.

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David Jr said...

Thanks Mei, you should try a day trip to Mantanani Island some day. It'll be fun.

A Werner Herzog said...

Mantanani, just 40 miles northeast of Kota Kinabalu, consists of 2 islands, and is surrounded by coral reefs, and very clear and inviting waters!
The smaller island (Mantanani Kecil) is a bird sanctuary and in the evening you will see a spectacular swirl of 1000's of swallows returning to nest. On the larger island (Mantanani Besar) there are a couple of small resorts and there is a small sea gypsy village which is worth a visit if you are interested to see how they live.
Beautiful views of Mount Kinabalu and beautiful sunsets make Mantanani island an ideal place for a camp fire and beach BBQ in the evening.

Werner Herzog said...

Mantanani Resort lies at the edge of a white sandy bay at the western end of the largest island. Nestled amidst the tall coconut palms, are scattered beach cabins surrounding the main plantation styled house. These large and comfortable cabins come with attached bathrooms and air conditioning. The relaxing atmosphere makes this resort one of the best places to come to relax and get away (even for a little while) from the drumbeat of urban life. Afterall, there's only one resort here in these 3 islands, not the other way around.

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