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Asiatique Riverfront Bangkok

Asiatique Bangkok

The Asiatique Riverfront in Bangkok is one of the new shopping and lifestyle places located along the Chao Phraya River here. 

Styled in multiple classic huge old warehouses, this place was formerly known as the East Asiatic Company Limited which was one of the active trading warehouses in the colonial period supplying teak wood to the world. 

TCC Land Thailand obtained the entire warehouse area and converted it to become one of the trendiest lifestyle places in Bangkok to date. 

This shopping haven was also opened in early 2012 catering to both locals and foreigners, and is one of Bangkok's popular tourist destinations. 

Asiatique Riverfront Bangkok

Bangkok Asiatique Market
Asiatique Bangkok
With a total area of 28 acres, 12 acres have been currently utilized to house 1,500 shops and 40 restaurants and there is also a beautiful 300-meter long riverfront promenade along the famous Chao Phraya River. 

The entire area is also divided into four main areas which are Charoenkrung District, Town Square District, Factory District and the Waterfront District where each has a specialty of its own.

You will find all sorts of items being sold around this massive converted warehouses, especially many local Thai home-grown products. 

Ever since the closure of Suan Lum Market in Bangkok in April 2012, Asiatique Riverside has been the place to visit as it is much more spacious, clean and carries a very large selection for shopping, food & beverage and entertainment.

Bangkok East Asiatic Company
Asiatique Riverfront Bangkok, East Asiatic Company
Asiatique's unique location makes getting here fun as you can take the BTS train and then hop on the free ferry service offered by the outlet.

There are a number of river ferries that take passengers from the jetty to the location with a scenic view of the Chao Phraya.

The journey one way takes about ten minutes. Upon arriving there, you will notice the beautiful riverside promenade where many locals are seen photographing or just walking around admiring the place. 

Shopping at Asiatique

Shopping here is something definitely worthwhile as there are about 1500 shops for you to go through which is no easy task if you ask me. 

Split into nine warehouses, each warehouse easily has about 150 shops with multiple alleys and lanes. 

Shops here sell all sorts of items like handicraft, decorative items, clothes, souvenirs, shoes, accessories to some of the oddest items. 

One of the districts here also offers over 500 fashion boutiques for all kinds of lifestyles, from current trends to conventional and traditional. 

Asiatique Warehouse No.7
Warehouse No.7 at Asiatique
Food at Asiatique

There is one warehouse dedicated just to a local food court which carries a lot of the popular Thai dishes. 

Apart from this, one can choose from over 40 restaurants ranging from fast food, international food, and cafe style to fine dining.

Cafes are abundance serving coffee and cakes while some there are some bars as well. Overall, a suggestion is to skip your meals and make your way here as visitors will definitely be spoiled for choices.

Riverside Asiatique Bangkok
Asiatique Riverside
Entertainment at Asiatique

For those seeking some entertainment, there is a well-known Calypso Cabaret, Joe Louis Theatre Puppet Show and the Riverfront Pathway. 

Concerts have been planned for the year as the place offers 12,000 square meters dedicated to open air activities here. You can visit the official website for updates on this.

Chilling Out at Asiatique

Overall, visitors here will find that this lifestyle market is well balanced in all areas. Be prepared to spend at least a minimum of four to six hours here but it can easily extend to half a day if you are into the entire shopping and entertainment therapy. 

The riverside offers a nice scenic view of the Chao Phraya River with Bangkok's high-rise skyline in the distance. Again, the sunset here is something worth waiting for provided that it is a clear day in Bangkok. 

Asiatique Ferry Boat Service
Bangkok Ferry Service
How To Get To Asiatique?

There are two main ways to get to Asiatique in Bangkok. One would be the free ferry service offered by Asiatique along the Chao Phraya River while the other would be via taxi or tuk tuk

Locals and tour buses seem to prefer the road while many others choose the scenic route as to challenging the famous Bangkok traffic which is the easiest way. 
  • Take the BTS Sky Train to Saphan Train Station
  • Walk down to Sathorm Pier and look for the Asiatique Ferry Jetty
  • Board the Free ferry service to Asiatique. 
  • Ferry Service is Free both ways
Where is Asiatique in Bangkok?  

Asiatique is located in the Wat Prayakrai district along the Chao Phraya River. It is located in the old commercial warehouse area and is easily accessible by river or road.

Asiatique Riverside

2194 Charoenkrung Road,

Wat Prayakrai District,
Opening hours are from 5.00 pm till midnight daily

Photo of Asiatique
Asiatique Market


If you are visiting Bangkok and want to explore something new, I would recommend you make that trip to Asiatique Riverside as it is most definitely one of the interesting new lifestyle places. 

The marriage of colonial and modern brings this once forgotten place back to life, catering to today's lifestyle demands and consumers. 

Note that on weekends, it tends to get crowded during the evenings so be well prepared. I would recommend you visit this place in the late morning or afternoon. 

Edit April 2017 - A new night market recently opened in Bangkok called Talad Neon Night Market and is located just near the Pratunam area. 

If you are done early at Asiatique, then you can head over to the new night market which is around the Pratunam area and continue to shop here. 

For those planning a trip to Bangkok, you will find many other things to do there. If you love shopping, there are popular places like Chatuchak Market, Pratunam area and also the modern shopping malls around the city. 

Since Suan Lum Market is already closed, many of the traders have moved over to this new and exciting lifestyle place called Asiatique Riverfront in Bangkok.


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