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Bubbles Dive Resort at Perhentian Island Review

Perhentian Bubbles Dive Resort

Bubbles Dive Resort is located on Perhentian Besar (Big Island) and at the back part of the island which is called Tanjung Tukas.

This beautiful homely resort is also conveniently tucked away at a private beach spanning about 300 meters, and remains hidden behind a facade of trees.

As you approach from the sea and you would think there is no resort here, which makes this place perfect for those looking for some privacy and alone time.

Review of Bubbles Dive Resort Perhentian Island

Bubbles Dive Resort at Perhentian Besar
Bubbles Dive Resort beach in Perhentian

Overall, Bubbles Dive Resort is perfect for just about any traveller, couple or if you just want to get away from the main areas of Perhentian Island.

The resort is well known for family travellers and divers as I have seen children as young as If you are a family with infants, six months old here.

The place also faces the open sea so you get a steady flow of sea breeze throughout the day. On a side note, turtles are known to come up to the main beach here to lay their eggs during the season. 

Note that Perhentian Islands observes the monsoon season, therefore, Bubbles Dive Resort is open from the end of March till the end of October yearly.  

The resort is also operated by a group of Malaysians that go all out to make your stay comfortable and one of a kind.

Perhentian Besar Island Bubbles Resort
Bubbles resort on Perhentian Besar Island

My two stays here reminded me of the good old days of resort living where life if simple and basic. After my morning dive, I would have an early lunch and lie on one of the many hammocks located along the beach.

Within minutes I would doze off to sleep before being wakened for the next dive. I could not ask for more from one of Malaysia’s beautiful islands.

Underwater photo Perhentian Island
Diving at Perhentian Island, Bubbles

Snorkelling, Scuba Diving at Bubbles Dive Resort 

Bubbles Resort is actually well known as one of the best scuba divers resort in Perhentian Island as both the couple owners are avid divers from long before.

As a scuba diver myself, I would definitely recommend this place as the dive centre is fully equipped and ready to serve all kinds of scuba divers.

The resort dive centre is also called Bubbles Dive Center and caters to all styles of scuba diving, from discover scuba diving to beginner and to advanced divers.

Scuba diving at Perhentian Island
My underwater scuba diving group at Perhentian Island

There is also nitrox or trimix available for the more serious scuba divers. and also multiple dive courses available.

And if you are into underwater photography, you have come to the right place, and the divemasters here are well versed in this area. There are many unique dive sites that they will bring you to if needed.

Overall, scuba diving with Bubbles resort was one of the best I have done in Perhentian Island. Why? Simply because they fully understand what the diver's requirements are.

Perhentian Island Bamboo Shark Photo
A Bamboo Shark spotted at one of the dive sites here

If you are a leisure diver, they will bring you to see the beautiful marine landscape, and if you want unique underwater experiences, they will then bring you to other hidden or secret dive sites.

I can say this easily, because I have stayed at Bubbles Resort twice in a year, and for both times, I was brought to some really amazing dive sites that I did not know Perhentian Island has. They are not marked in the general dive site maps too.

Perhentian Island Scuba Diving
Me at one of the secret dive sites of Perhentian Island

For the standard snorkelling, you will find the bay area here pretty interesting as there is a decent amount of marine life found just outside the main beach of the resort.

And for water activities, they only offer kayaking as there are no motorized sports available here due to conservation and ecology reasons. 

Bubbles Dive Resort Room Chalet
Rooms at Bubbles Dive Resort

Food and Accommodation at Bubbles Resort

For accommodations, there are a total of 30 rooms where 26 of them are air-conditioned with four being family rooms. Note this was in 2012, and by now, 2018, there must be many upgrades to the resort.

Bubbles resort is not your typical beach villa type but more of a very localized and modern concept which is managed by couple Ronnie and Pei See, who are both Malaysians.

The concrete chalets are really spacious that come with air conditioning, attached bathrooms and hot water.

Being a localized concept, there is the main welcome centre where everything is conducted at. It serves as your common area, eating area, check-in and out area, and relaxing area.

There is also a master kitchen here where this area doubles as the main restaurant which serves ala-carte or full package meals. You can also just order drinks or alcohol and bill it to your room.

Room Photo Bubbles Perhentian
The standard room at Bubbles

For Muslim travellers, there is no pork served here, and there is no Halal certification, but for the open-minded travellers, Bubbles has considered the no-pork concept for many people.

Beer and other soft drinks are available at reasonable prices while there is WiFi available at the main common area for those who cannot be disconnected from the digital world.

Generally, this area comes alive during meal times and especially in the evenings. As the resort is situated on a private beach, it is located far away from everything else.

Chalets at Bubbles Resort Perhentian
The resort chalets

This means you will be getting ultimate privacy, except for the other guests that are staying here. For anyone who wants to visit Long Beach on Perhentian Kecil Island, you can request for a boat taxi.

Perhentian Island is connected via boat taxis that shuttle guests around the island. Prices vary from point to point, and if I am not mistaken, it will cost around RM30 or RM35 one way from Bubbles Resort to Long Beach.

Otherwise, guests that choose to stay here have a solid reason, which is to be away from the commercialized crowded resorts and beaches.

Bubbles Resort Perhentian Toilet
Bathroom facilities at Bubbles Resort Perhentian

Turtle Hatchery at Bubbles Resort Perhentian Island

Bubbles Resort has its own little turtle hatchery which is located just in front of the main restaurant by the beach.

The area is well fenced up and has about 22 holes that contain turtle eggs which have been carefully relocated from various nesting sites around this part of the island.

For the lucky guest, you may even have the chance to witness Hawksbill and Green Turtles come up to the beach at night to lay eggs. This experience is easily arranged by the resort, so do ask them about it.

If you are travelling with kids here, this is one of the major plus points as the turtle hatchery offers an educational program for both adults and kids.

When I was here, I personally saw one of the turtle education sessions being conducted by the volunteers, and it was rather informative and fun, especially for the six children and four adults who attended the session.
 Perhentian Tanjung Tukas
The nicely hidden resort view from the sea

For more information, you can check the Bubbles Dive Resort on Facebook. They have packages for rooms, diving and much more information including the turtle conservation program in Perhentian Island. 


Overall, if you are looking for that special private place on Perhentian Island in Malaysia, Bubbles Resort would be one of my recommendations.

They provide friendly services, they are kid-friendly, there is a great atmosphere and a private beach all to yourself. This is one of the rare resorts in Malaysia that will cater to what I just mentioned.

Apart from the excellent hospitality that is offered, it is the genuine unique Malaysian hospitality that you find at Bubbles Dive Resort at Perhentian Island.

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