Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shibuya Photo

Shibuya Photograph

Shibuya is my photo of the week. One of the most exciting shopping places in Japan, everyone that visits Tokyo will surely pay a visit to this amazing district. Well known as the fashion central and an abundance of nightlife. One of the popular places here is the Shibuya 109 Building which is a must-stop for Japanese young women. 

Another well known place here is the Shibuya is famous for its scramble-crossing where you see thousands of people crossing this intersection at all angles. It is located in front of the famous Shibuya Station Hachikō exit. I also flew in to Japan via AirAsia X which lands at the Tokyo Haneda Airport which is much nearer than Narita. If you are visiting Tokyo, you should make it a point to visit this place to get a memorable Shibuya photo.


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CathJ said...

Nice.. :)

David Jr said...

Thanks Cath! Hope you make a trip to Japan soon :)

David Jr said...

Thanks Christina, You're right about that.My fav place there is at the entrance of the subway station.

Nim Nathan said...

Hi David,
I sent a blogger review invite to a hotel in Langkawi. Just wanted to check that you received it.

David Jr said...

Thank you Nim, received and replied.

David Jr said...

Thanks Brinda and B.Events.

247phoenixarizona arizona resorts said...

OMG!!! Love, love shibuya!!! That's where I lived while teaching English in Japan!!! :D