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Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 Interior Pictures

Interior pictures Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 interior pictures were taken when the plane arrived in KLIA after the final fittings in Toulouse, France.

As this was the complete finished look of the plane, it was delivered on June 29th, 2012 as the maiden flight was from Kuala Lumpur to London on July 1st, 2012.

When the Airbus plane landed, there was a water cannon welcome as it officially docked for the first time at Gate C27 in the Satellite building in KLIA.

Hoards of reporters, crew, VIPs, invited guests, staff, and engineers were seen waiting for this auspicious moment for the airline.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 Interior Pictures

In total, the A380 aircraft will carry 494 passengers which are divided into three classes. First, Business and Economy where eight seats will be allocated for the First Class Cabins, 66 Business Class seats with flatbed seats and 420 Economy Seats.

The main deck will hold 350 Economy seats and the upper deck will carry 70 economy seats which are located at the rear of the aircraft.

Below you will see a series of photographs taken inside and outside the first Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 plane in KLIA. Please click on the pictures to see the full size.

First Class Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380

First Class of Malaysia Airlines A380 Plane
First-class cabins on the Malaysia Airlines A380 plane

For the eight seats in first class, the seats will be in the 1-2-1 formation with each seat having an 89 inch (226.1 cm) seat pitch.

Width of the seat is also 26.1 inches (66.3 cm) and when it is completely flatbed, the length is 87 inches long and 40 inches wide. There is a 23 inch LCD TV for each seat too.

Business Class Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380

Business Class Flat Bed Seats Malaysia Airlines A380
Malaysia Airlines A380 Business Class Flat Bed Seats

The A380 Business Class has a total of 66 seats on both decks. They come in the 2-2-2 formation with a 74 inch (188cm) seat pitch.

Full flatbeds stretch to a total of 74 inches and each seat comes with a 17 inch LCD TV. 

Economy Seats Malaysia Airlines A380
 Malaysia Airlines A380 Economy Seats

Economy Class Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380

For economy seating on the Malaysia Airlines A380, there are a total of 420 seats split on both decks. 350 economy seats on the lower deck while there are 70 economy seats at the back of the upper deck.

This is also rumored to be the no-child section if the passenger load is not full. Then again, passengers need to confirm this when checking in.

The seat configuration for the upper deck will be 2-4-2 while it will be 3-4-3 on the main deck of the airbus.

Seat pitch is 32 inches (81.3cm)while the width of each seat is 18 inches or 45.7 cm. The recline of the seat goes back 6 inches too. For entertainment, each seat has a 10.6-inch screen.

Photos of Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380

Economy Seating MAS A380
 Economy seats reclined 6" inches

A380 Malaysia Airlines Economy Seating
 Economy class meals and kids meals

 Baby crib in the economy section

 L - Control panel for the business class seats, R - Entertainment section on the upper deck

 The Business Class food selection

Snack choices at Business Class on the A380

 View of the Business Class on the A380's lower deck

 Cleaners giving the Business Class section a clean up after the plane landed

L - Cabin Control Panel on the upper deck, R - Crew sleeping bunk on the upper deck

 First Class toilets on the upper deck of the A380

View of the economy section from the galley of the A380

 Economy seats in the front row with the LCD entertainment panel

 L - Inflight entertainment for economy class, R - The A380 parked in KLIA

Airbus A380 Galley Photo Malaysia Airlines
Crew galley of the Airbus A380

Airbus A380 Malaysia Airlines Picture
The Malaysia Airlines A380 parked at Bay 27 with the Blue Livery

Photo of Malaysia Airlines A380
Malaysia Airlines A380 

For the curious, you may be wondering why the blue colored livery, well it has been a topic that many have pondered about over the last year.

As I spoke to one of the representatives of Malaysia Airlines, I was told that the new blue livery is to signify the premium class aircraft and will only be used for the Airbus A380 planes.

The rest of the fleet will be using the new design red and blue livery too. 


You can also read about my other articles on the Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 first landing and also about the sneak preview of the Airbus A380 in the hanger while I was in Toulouse for a site inspection.

Finally, the country has its own superjumbo and everyone has a chance to see the Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 interior pictures.


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