Sunset Picture in Selangor

Sunset Picture in Selangor - I took this picture along the highway to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA. One of those rare moments in the city where you get a beautiful sunset. Best part was that I took it from my van without getting out. As I was driving, I kept looking at the sunset and eventually when the orange ball appeared, on came my hazard lights, pulled over and wound down my passenger seat window to get this shot. I also used my Nikon D60 with a 300mm lens to capture this beautiful sunset.

Sunset Picture in Selangor, flock of birds flying past

In the picture above, you see a horizontal shot. It was a bonus when I was taking the picture, a flock of birds started to fly pass and got them in the foreground of the sunset. You can also view my other sunset pictures which I captures throughout my travels. Overall, I was pretty happy with the results of these pictures and there you have it, my Sunset Picture in Selangor.