Shinjuku Neon Lights

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Shinjuku Neon Lights are one of the must-experience things to do when you are visiting Tokyo, Japan. The incredible district is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo and it is also a major commercial and administrative center, housing the busiest train station in the world which is the Shinjuku Station. Can you imagine two million people use the station daily and at least 12 different lines pass through here. One could easily get lost inside the station.

Anyone and everyone that visits Tokyo will at least make a stop at this unique part of Japan and as for me, my last visit here was back in 1990. You can only imagine how it was back then. On my last visit here in February 2011, it seemed like nothing had changed. Below are pictures I took while I explored this place on foot. Please click on the pictures to see in full size.

 Neon Lights go all the way up to ten storeys

Walking around at night is probably the best way to experience Shinjuku, especially along the main roads at Kabukicho where you can get a good view of the neon lights that tantalize your eyes. Every nook and cranny was almost covered with all sorts of neon. Even walking pass lanes, you could see lights leading all the way deep into the lanes.

 Shinjuku Neon Lights from the main street

 More neon lit buildings in Kabukicho, Shinjuku

Neon signs and lights covering most of the buildings in Shinjuku

Shinjuku Map

Overall, if you like the vibrant nightlife, Shinjuku is one of the places worth exploring as they offer all kinds of shopping and entertainment. Luxury brand stores are also found around here. There are some excellent places with great Japanese food while specialty coffee cafes can be seen here too.

Be careful of street promoters that approach and offer you good deals to special clubs and bars as once you are committed, you would most likely end up paying exorbitant prices. Note that various subway lines stop here but the train service stops at midnight so if you plan to stay late, you need to take a taxi back. Some of the best clubs in Tokyo are found here too.

You will also find various hotels, department stores, specialist electronic and camera shops, cinemas, amusement centers, restaurants, cafes and bars around Kabukicho in Shinjuku. You can also read about my walk around the famous Harajuku district and also see my Cherry Blossom in Kyoto,

Japan. My recent trip to Japan was made with AirAsiaX as the budget long haul airline flies to Haneda Airport which is closer to Tokyo city. For those heading to Japan, make sure you keep one evening to explore Kabukicho to see the beautiful Shinjuku Neon Lights.

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Removals and Storage said...

Japan and its so remarkable capital megapolis Tokyo is definitely an attraction world-known with its neon lights! Unfortunately, I have not visited it yet and can just guess if it will have some similarities with NYC, but Shinjuku with the endless possibilities for my all-time fav activities-shopping and night life, seems like heaven and I am so eager to see it myself! Thanks for sharign!

David Jr said...

You're welcome.

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