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Hat Yai Cable Car in Thailand

Cable Car in Hat Yai

The Hat Yai Cable Car in Thailand was officially opened on the 5th December 2011 in conjunction with the King's birthday. This has also added to the list of things to do in Hatyai when you are here.

The cable car sits on top of the Hat Yai Municipal Park. The 535-meter long cable car is the first of it's kind in Thailand as it the modern type cable car system.

The station also shares the space with the famous Bodhisattva Kuan Im (Guan Yin) and Buddha Statue (Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj) on top of the hill. 

When you alight at the hilltop after your cable car ride, you will be at another place of worship which is the Elephant Temple or Brahman Shrine. Here, you will notice a very beautiful large statue of a three-headed elephant.

There are also plenty of golden elephants and many other elephants in various shapes and sizes donated by devotees. A giant Bodhi Tree is also planted beside the temple here.

Hat Yai Cable Car in Thailand

Hat Yai Cable Car Photo
Hat Yai Cable Car

The Hatyai cable car was also built by the Swiss-Austrian Doppelmayr Garaventa Group so you can be assured of top safety features.

In addition, the Songkhla government had also spent 100 million Baht for the entire cable car construction.

At each station, a local attendant will make sure that everyone is in before closing the doors. The journey from one end to the other takes about 10 minutes each way. 

During the weekend or on a public holidays, there are lots of people especially locals, therefore, you may have to wait a while to get on.

There are just two cable cars and each cab holds only eight people. When you want to get back down, you will need to line up to catch the same cable car back so there could be waiting involved here. 

Photo of Hat Yai Cable Car
 Hat Yai Cable Car Station view from the hill

How to go to Hat Yai Cable Car? 

  • To go to the Hat Yai cable car, you need to take a taxi or even a tuk-tuk from Hatyai city 
  • It is also about six kilometers from the city center, located along the Hat Yai-Songkhla highway
  • The tuk-tuk price is about 50 Baht to the Hatyai Municipal Park

Hat Yai Cable Car Ticket Prices;  

  • Thai People: 200 Baht / Child 100 Baht
  • Foreign tourists: 300 Baht / Child 150 Baht

General Information:
(66) 074-219-333, 089-8666-191 or 089-8666-282

Cable Car in HatYai Thailand
 Hat Yai Cable Car View

Other Things To Do In Hat Yai

For those visiting Hat Yai, do explore the outskirts here as there are quite a number of attractions and activities found throughout Songkhla.

One of the popular places in Hat Yai is the Great Serpent Nag in Songkhla, a statue of a dragon and also a fountain.

Explore the Songkhla Aquarium if you have kids or love fishes. For an unforgettable food experience, I will recommend visiting the Floating Market in Hat Yai as it is the best in Southern Thailand.

One of the best times to visit Hat Yai is also during the Songkran Festival, where the celebrations of splashing water are held for three full-day throughout here and also around Thailand.


To visit the cable car in Hat Yai, you will need at least half a day to fully explore this part of Songkhla.

Overall, this is one of the unique tourists' attractions that are just out of the city area and will be a great experience for single, couple, group or even family travelers.

If you have never experienced sitting on one of these sky gondolas, then a trip to experience the Hat Yai cable car is well worth it. 


Jesse said...

One of the great feat of sightseeing great views is to see it at massive scale thus this cable car is a very interesting offer at Hat Yai.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks for the kind words Jesse. Hope you visit the Hat Yai Cable Car one day too.

Boston Park Plaza Hotel said...

It's a fun trip and you get some excellent opinions. You can see Songkhla Pond and the Song khla main mosque quite quickly. The wats on Kor Hong mountain contain three websites. There is a forehead that seems to be devoted to monsters, a China forehead, and the website where the large fantastic Buddha picture is situated. The wire car operates from the hippo forehead to the fantastic Buddha. Considering the truth that you have to generate up the mountain, the car recreation area at the hippo forehead is small. There is area for less than a number of vehicles. If there are no areas it is annoying. If you go when there are a lot of individuals you will be better off vehicle at the fantastic Buddha place. If you generate up yourself, you need to make sure that your car is fit - especially the braking system. The street is extreme and there are some very distinct turns.