Songkran Pictures

Songkran Photos

Here is a collection of Songkran Pictures celebrated in Hat Yai, Southern Thailand. The massive water festival is celebrated in the month of April and on the eve of Songkran.

During this time, a special Midnight Songkran is also held here with a series of other fringe events taking place. The roads in the city will be crowded with many locals and foreigners who come out to celebrate the Thai New Year.

Among the activities, there are local concerts held just in front of the Central Shopping Complex while throughout the main city area, there will be many other events like Muay Thai, Thai Water Boxing, a Songkran Beauty Contest and a hive a of other activities. Food wise, there are many choices of local Thai food sold throughout the streets here.

Pictures of Songkran Festival

The Songkran pictures here was part of the Sonkgran 2012 festival and is all about people having good fun. Through the country, Thai people and foreigners celebrate this festival with passion and friendliness.

Pickup trucks, tuk tuks, motorbikes are usually seen in full force having a wonderful time. As this is my first ever water festival, I took the opportunity to roam the streets of Hat Yai, armed with my plastic bag covered camera, t-shirt, shorts and slippers.

Why a plastic bag? Because you will, I repeat, you will get splashed with water. But it is all in good fun, so you cannot get angry. Below are various Songkran photos taken in Hatyai during the Songkran 2012 festival. 

Photo of Songkran Girls
Beautiful Thai girl in Hat Yai during the water festival

Photos of Songkran
 Passengers on tuk tuks were not spared too

Pictures of Songkran
 Songkran Expressions

 Left: A kid with water gun back pack, Right: Girls gets splashed big time

Water Festival in Thailand
Even other races are seen enjoying Songkran in Hat Yai, Thailand

  Kids during Songkran
Thai kids prepare for the fun

Songkran Water Festival
Splashing along the streets of Hat Yai

Songkran Hat Yai
Young kid geared up with a huge water gun during the Songkran

Songkran Festival Pictures

If you have never been to this unique water festival in Thailand, I would recommend you must try this one day. It is celebrated throughout the 77 provinces of Thailand and well known in the larger cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket and Hat Yai.

The one thing about the Thai water festival is that during the three days, everyone gets soaked  in good fun so if you dislike water, especially cold water, this is not for you. 

As for me, I really enjoyed walking the streets of Hat Yai, seeing how the locals celebrate the water festival. It runs from morning till night and is usually very intense in the city area. Even in the outskirts, it is active with locals driving around in their pickup trucks loaded with huge containers of water splashing anyone that comes to sight.

The one thing you must remember, protect your phone and wallet/purse with plastic. I also have another article on the Hat Yai Midnight Songkran which starts from 8.00 PM till midnight. This is another experience for the water festival.

Songkran takes place every April and for the next one, I hope to attend it so that I can capture many more interesting Songkran pictures to be featured again.