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Sipadan Island Diving Package

Sipadan Island Diving Package

Sipadan Island Diving Packages range from anywhere between RM1900 to RM2300 and depending on where you stay at Mabul Island. You can actually book them from any tour agent or resort in Sabah Borneo. While you should note that the authorities only allow 120 permits per day means that there is a first come first serve basis here. Some places offer packages where if you stay a minimum of three nights, you get a free Sipadan Dive Trip. But most importantly, you should take a proper package if you want to visit Sipadan for diving.

Sipadan Island Photo
Sipadan Island on a beautiful day

Sipadan Diving Packages usually start early in the mornings and end just after lunch. Some packages offer you four dives while the common one is a three dive inclusive of morning tea and lunch on the island itself. If you do not know, there is no lodging on Sipadan Island. Divers stay at either Mabul Island, Kapalai Island or on the mainland of Semporna. The journey to Sipadan from Mabul is about 30 minutes while from Semporna town, it takes about an hour to get there.

 Dive boats parked at the Sipadan Drop Off

Once you reach Sipadan Island, you will notice there is only one jetty there. It is here where everyone must disembark and register at the Sabah Parks office. After you have done it, you get back on board and head out for your first dive. All rests are done back on the island as there is an area where your food and drinks are prepared by the respective dive companies.

 Blue Ribbon Eel seen

 Beautiful corals

While diving at Sipadan, you will experience one of the best diving in the world here. Some of the popular diving spots include the famous Barracuda Point (Top five dive spots in the world) where you get to see thousands of Barracudas in a school swim by. If you are lucky enough, you can see the vortex formation and be in it! Unfortunately in the picture below, I totally missed my opportunity to get into the vortex. The following pictures are from one of my Sipadan Dives.

Me trying to get into the Barracuda Vortex

School of Bumphead Parrot Fishes at about 7 meters deep at Barracuda Point

Green Turtles are a common sight at Sipadan

Diving at Sipadan Island

School of Barracudas

 Lunch on the island

Lunch is pretty simple and done on the island itself. But don't expect a full spread buffet as it is quite basic with three dishes, white rice, fruit dessert, coffee, tea and cold water. However if you have any special request, you should inform your tour operator about it before your dive. Proper toilets are available in the next building as well.

A diver takes a break on the beach at Sipadan Island

After your second dive, you will most probably be so content that all you want to do is take a nap. The beautiful scenery will almost complete your fantasy until it's time for your third dive. And it's off to the jetty again, but you can be assured of some spectacular diving.

 School of Barracudas

 Clown Trigger Fish

White Tip Shark at Sipadan

Left - A diver surfacing, Right - Sunrise on the way to Sipadan Island 

Equator Adventure Tours who works with Explorer Lifestyle is also  registered with the Sabah Tourism Board. Apart from diving packages around Sabah, the company also does a number of other related tours which include nature, shopping, cooking, sightseeing and island hopping tours. The travel company also handles Mabul Island Diving Packages for those wanting the best of scuba diving in crystal clear waters. 

 Sipadan Dive Sites Map Photo
 Sipadan Dive Sites

If you are interested in any Sipadan Diving Packages, please do contact Explorer Lifestyle who are no strangers to these diving packages in Sabah as they have been handling tours like these for a while now. You can choose the type of budget that you want for your dives too. However, when you visit this part of the world, you would not want to miss out on visiting Sipadan Island.

A 4 Days and 3 Nights Dive Package will cost around RM1900 or a little more which includes 6 dives around Mabul/Kapalai and 3 dives at Sipadan Island. It is also advised to book your dive at least two weeks in advance. The price also includes full board meals, rooms, equipment rentals and airport/boat transfers.

All you need to bring is your sun block. For those who enjoy some drinking, you should also bring some extra money for this. Note that is no ATM machines on any of the islands here. For 5 Days and 4 Nights, the price is around RM2000 for your Sipadan Island Diving Packages.


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Thanks S.P and Kimura. Hope you get the chance to visit Sipadan one day too.

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this is looks like a great destination the world-renowned oceanographer, described Sipadan Island as an untouched piece of art,
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David Jr said...

Thanks everyone! I hope that you will have the chance to dive at Sipadan Island one day. I will be visiting Sipadan at the end of Aug for another dive!