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Legoland Malaysia Site Visit on March 30th 2012. An invitation to visit Malaysia's First International Theme Park was something I did not want to miss as growing up with these plastic brick toys made me curious on what a Legoland Park would look like. Upon arriving at Senai Airport, we took a taxi straight to Legoland in Nusajaya which was about 20 minutes drive. In total there were three bloggers and a representative from the PR company on this trip and upon arriving at Medini building, we met up with Mr. Siegfried Boerst, the General Manager for Legoland Malaysia who drove in with his Legoland Car. 

Legoland Malaysia Site Visit Video

Above is an overall view of Legoland Malaysia taken from the viewpoint there. All pictures and video were taken using the new Canon G1X Digital Camera which is actually quite light and easy to use.

Legoland official car

After a meet and greet with questions and answers being thrown about, and noticing his very unique Lego name tag, we hopped into two of the official Legoland cars and made our way to the park construction site. Driving past mega steel structures, we headed up to the view point which was situated at the future Legoland Waterpark. Here Mr. Siegfried opened up a map of the entire park and pointed out the many features, rides and amenities that would be available once Legoland was opened hopefully by this September or October 2012. 

Mr. Siegfried Boerst, GM of Legoland

Mr. Siegfried then explained each of the rides and even though it looked partially being constructed, he assured us that the park was indeed 65% completed. The main structures have been completed and now undergoing the facade and landscape work. Mechanical and electrical components were being fitted as we were continued to be briefed. There are to be seven main areas in the park which totals 76 acres where 31 acres are being currently used for the main theme park. In that seven main areas, there will be 40 rides, shows and attractions which cater to all ages.

Miniland - Iconic Asian structures built from Lego to be featured here

Apart from being the first international theme park in Malaysia, this will also be the most interactive one where at Legoland, most of the rides will be hands-on where you can push, pedal, program, steer, squirt or splash while the highlights would be where kids have the option to participate in live workshops building all kinds of things. A Lego Robotics attraction will also be the talk of the park where children will participate in making Lego robots move. 

Aquazone Wave Racers ride almost completed

Judging from the overall size and attractions offered at Legoland Malaysia, the entire park is also landscaped with huge trees that will double as shades for the guests. Waiting areas will be covered while for food and beverage, there are specialized areas which will be managed by Legoland. This means, you will not be getting the common fast food names here. A choice of Asian and Western foods will be sold throughout the park. A "Lego Big Shop" which will be the official souvenir shop is situated just before you exit the park.

Horses for the Lego Kingdom Rides

One of the star attractions at Legoland Malaysia is the Observation Deck which stands high at 60 meters and is the third Legoland in the world to have this after Denmark and Germany. 50 visitors at a time will be sent upwards in a circular motion in 50 seconds giving a fantastic view of the entire theme park. Overall, 1000 visitors will be able to ride this in just one hour. 

Covered areas for those waiting

Some of the interactive attractions here are where children as young as six years old can participate and get their 'Driving License' in one of the rides. A 'Lego Boat Ride' is also one of the interesting rides where kids can pilot their own little boat under the supervision of staff. For family fun, there is also the 'Lego City Rescue Academy' where the entire family can race in Lego Fire Trucks to hose down a 'burning' building. 

Technic Test Track Roller coaster ride at Legoland 

Miniland is also one of the star attractions at Legoland Malaysia where you will walk through spectacular reproductions of well known landmarks found throughout Asia. Imagine standing next to the Petronas Twin Towers all built with Lego pieces standing at 9 meters high. Then you move on to see the Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Singapore's Merlion, Angkor Wat and then to see the KL Tower. All built with Lego pieces. Asking Mr. Siegfried, he mentioned that a total of 50 Million Lego Bricks were used in the entire park. Now, that's a lot of mini bricks used!

Lego Kingdom under construction

Among all, Lego Kingdom will steal the hearts of kids and adults at the same time as this medieval concept has one of the interesting roller coasters which go though the castle and out in the open. Land of Adventure is also going to be a popular attraction as visitors are taken through a journey into a forgotten city temple ruins to recover stolen treasure. This ride on water is filled with excitement where you can be assured of getting a little wet. A Dino Island is also one of the other attractions here.

Visitors here will easily spend at least a full day exploring the many attractions here therefore it will be wise if you planned for a overnight trip especially for those with families. For now, hotels are located around JB area but there have been plans to open up a Legoland Hotel in future.

Roller coaster structure almost completed at Legoland Nusajaya

Legoland Malaysia is also strategically located in the Medini Nusajaya area in Iskandar Region of Southern Johor. This means, it only takes about 10-15 minutes from the Tuas Checkpoint in Singapore while from Senai Airport, it takes about 20 minutes drive. Another bonus for those visiting here is that you can also visit the Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) a massive factory outlet center, which is only about 15-20 minutes away from Legoland Malaysia. The theme park is also located along the new Tuas-JB Coastal Highway and when you drive pass, you are bound to see the Legoland Tower.

 Teacup ride at Legoland under construction

 For those who are planning on visiting this amazing interactive theme park, you can also read about my initial Legoland Malaysia article which was done in 2011. Pre-Opening Annual Passes are currently being sold at various places including the website.

Legoland Malaysia Ticket Prices are:
  • Pre-Opening Annual Passes: Adult: RM195 / Child: RM150
  • Annual Pass (Normal Price): Adult: RM275 / Child: RM210
  • Gate Price: Adult: RM140 / Child: RM110
  • *MyKad Holders get a RM30 rebate at the gate
For the Pre-Opening Annual Passes, you will be getting a good deal as it is valid for 12 months. But when the park opens in September or October, it will be a bonus as the passes expire on Dec 2013. By the way, do keep a look out for other coming promotions from Legoland in the near future. 

For more inquiries, information, jobs, school trips or group bookings, please visit the official Legoland Website. A huge thanks goes out to Mr. Siegfried the GM, the management and Millennium Associates for arranging this Legoland Malaysia site visit.

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Nate @ House of Annie said...

Exciting! Hope we'll be able to go.

Jesse said...

Interesting how they come up with the concept given how Lego is too old of a kid's stuff. Maybe it would not only attract those die hard Lego fans but also the current generation who have been taught to appreciate this "legendary" puzzle piece.

CathJ said...

I was invited on the 27th.. :)

And i cant wait to hve fun with my family here... :D

David Jr said...

Awesome! I too agree that they turned some simple building blocks into an entire theme park!

Cath - Going with who?

dianagaban said...

Thanks for the info David, another place to visit in November :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

SO EXPENSIVE...T_T i cant afford to go!

RM140/adult, go with husband and 3 kids is.. like... RM 610.

David Jr said...

Diana - Yes, have a good trip there :) But I will have more updates again when the next site visit it due.
Ms.Xerox - True, but a very worthy trip too.

Hannah Pearson said...

Great article - do you know the reason why they haven't confirmed the opening date yet? September/ October seems a little vague!

fakhria said...
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noha737 said...

wow thats great love you malaysia but where exactly in malaysia
will visit you soon

Kent said...

Great effort Malaysia! Excited to go! :)

BestForExpert_com said...

Bought my Legoland annual ticket for family and self ;)

COOL DADDY said...

good news for Johorean like myself...

Kent said...
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David Jr said...

Thanks and those who bought the annual tickets, good for you! I should go there for a site update one of these months too so stay tuned.

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