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KLIA2 Construction Photos

Photo of KLIA2 Construction

The KLIA 2 construction is still ongoing to meet the opening in early 2013. According to a press statement in early March 2012, the construction is now at 45% completed and as per schedule.

The overall cost is now estimated be­­tween RM3.6bil and RM3.9bil, at least 80% more than its provisional budget of RM2bil.

Upon completion, the new terminal is estimated to have the capacity to serve up to 45 million passengers annually which is three times the capacity of the existing LCCT.

KLIA2 Construction Photos

During one of my many trips there and back, I managed to take some photos of the ongoing construction of the new KLIA2 Airport in Sepang in early January 2012.

While some call it as LCCT 2, it is official that the name is Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 or KLIA2. Below are the various pictures of the site. Click the photos to view them in full size.

Construction of KLIA2
The bridge leading to KLIA2

View of the main terminal being constructed

Another view of the many cranes at work here
 KLIA2 Gambar
Overall view from the main road to the construction site of KLIA 2

You can also read my previous article for pictures, visualizations and more detailed information on KLIA2.

While those interested in the KLIA2 Tender, you should visit the official KLIA2 Retail Site for more information.


At the moment, many are awaiting this new airport terminal in Sepang as it will be so much more convenient to have both terminals just next to each other.

For now, when you drive past on your way back from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, you can easily see the current KLIA2 construction site on your left.


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