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The Great Serpent Nag in Songkhla

Songkhla Great Serpent Nag Thailand

The Great Serpent Nag in Songkhla is located in southern Thailand at Song Thale Park, Laem Son On in Songkhla City and it only takes about 1 hour to get here via car from Hat Yai.

On my recent trip in April 2012 for the Songkran Festival in Hat Yai, our group of journalists was taken on a site visit to Songkhla and this was one of the unique places we visited.

The Great Serpent Nag in Songkhla

There is a plaque with the inscription as follows: The Great Serpent "Nag" is the deity of the divine creation of water as well as fertility to all living things.

The people of Southern Thailand believe that Nag sprays divine water so as to make people feel fresh and happy, as well as purify the blemishes which occur within our minds and bodies.

As a result, Nag is one of the most highly respected deities of Southern Thailand. Thus the local people frequently pay respect to Nag and ask him to forever bring happiness and good fortune to their life.

Statue of Great Serpent Nag
The top portion of Nag

In 2006 the Mayor of Songkhla - Mr. Utitt Chuchouy, decided to create a monument that could forever bring good fortune, wealth, fertility and prosperity to the people of Songkhla City.

He asked Mr. Montri Sungmusikanon, a Thaksin University instructor, to design a sculpture to the deity Nag which would be divided into three sections.

The first section is the serpent's head which symbolizes the intelligence and wisdom of the people of the city.

The second section is the serpent's navel which symbolizes the city's riches. The last is the tail which symbolizes the charisma and strength of the community of the people.

The sculpture's official opening ceremony was done in 2007.

What you see in the pictures here is only the first section of the head which is located on the northern area facing the port.

The navel (second part) is sited on the front near the road up to Tang Kuan Hill and the tail (third part) is further down south.

If you are driving to Hat Yai or Songkhla and using a GPS, here are the GPS coordinates to this statue: N 07° 13.632 E 100° 34.626

Nag Serpent in Songkhla
Nag spitting water into the ocean


If you are visiting Hat Yai, do take the opportunity to explore the outskirts of this city as there are a number of interesting places to see.

There is also the Hat Yai Cable Car at Hat Yai Park, Ice Dome, Songkhla Aquarium just to name a few. A day trip should be able to cover most of the attractions provided you have an early start.

Moreover, if you are planning to attend the Songkran Festival (see my Songkran Pictures), it would be a good opportunity to take a day and visit The Great Serpent Nag in Songkhla.

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