Cherry Blossom in Kyoto 2012

Cherry Blossom in Kyoto 2012 is my picture of the week. I took this picture when I was visiting Japan in February and apparently, it was an early bloom for some of the Sakura Trees here in Kyoto. Usually the full blossoming season for the Cherry Blossoms are in April throughout Japan. I guess I was fortunate enough to catch this beautiful flowers when some of the trees here were in the early stages of blooming. This was also taken at the Chion-in Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Below is a series of Cherry Blossom Photos which I took. Update: I was informed that this is in fact a Pink Plum Blossom flower.

Cherry Blossom Trees in Kyoto on an early bloom

Pink Plum Blossom blooming in Kyoto

Apparently there are over one hundred cherry tree varieties found throughout Japan. A few of them are wild varieties native to Japan's forests, such as the Yamazakura, but the large majority of them have been cultivated by humans over the centuries for decorative use in gardens and parks. By far the most popular cherry tree variety today is the particularly pretty, cultivated Somei Yoshino (White/Pale Pink).

There are several characteristics differentiating the many cherry tree varieties. Among the many yaezakura varieties, the Kanzan (Pinkish) is one of the most numerous. One Kanzan blossom consists of as many as 30-50 pink petals while the fresh leaves are coppery brown. If you want to experience seeing these beautiful flowers, you should plan well ahead and follow the schedules of blooming for next year. Just for your information, I flew to Japan with AirAsiaX via Haneda Airport in Tokyo and took a Bullet Train to Kyoto. Good luck and hope you liked my pictures of the Cherry Blossom in Kyoto 2012.