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Sunset in Hanoi, Vietnam Picture

Hanoi Sunset Photo

This sunset in Hanoi is my picture for the week and I took this beautiful sunset picture from my hotel room window during my stay at the Old Quarter of Hanoi in Vietnam back in 2011.

It was one of those days that I had done some serious walking around town and then got back to freshen up before going out for dinner when I noticed the beautiful orange ball slowly setting in the backdrop of the Hanoi skyline.

According to the locals, it is very rare that you get to see the full sun in its orange color, therefore, I was very lucky to capture this shot. In minutes, the orange ball slowly disappeared behind the building structure and it was over.

I never did see another sunset throughout my stay there but I am sure there have been some really good ones which the locals get to see.


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But I prefer the nights as the city tends to get a little livelier and trendier with a lot of lights against old structures. Take a look at some of my Hanoi Old Quarter at Night Pictures.

Through my entire nine days there, this was probably the best picture I got of a beautiful sunset in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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