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Malaysia Airlines New A380 Plane Video

Airbus A380 Malaysia Airlines Video

This Malaysia Airlines New A380 Plane Video is the latest update from the much-awaited plane that the airline has ever bought.

Just released in early March, this A380 video shows the painting process of the Malaysia Airlines livery done at the factory while in the video, you see the plane exiting the hanger and it is still incomplete.

Judging from the main picture above, there are still three lines to be added on to the body of the A380.

Anyway, watch the video and you can see the process of painting the words 'Malaysia Airlines' and also the tail fin with the traditional Malaysian 'Wau' logo.

Malaysia Airlines New A380 Plane Video

For the record, I have been following the progress of the Malaysia Airlines A380 since June 2011 and even visited the Airbus Factory in Toulouse, France.

You can read my earlier article titled sneak preview of the Malaysia Airlines new Airbus A380 Plane. This article shows the exact plane inside the Airbus factory when I visited. The tail fin had the original red Malaysia Airlines logo back then.

After many months of changes and so on, the plane finally made it's maiden flight from Toulouse to Hamburg to be fitted with the interiors and so on.

You can see pictures of the A380 aircraft taking off and landing in this article titled Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 First test flight.

From there, it was returned back to be painted and thus this latest video above. 

Malaysia Airlines A380 new design

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 Configuration

Among some of the highlights will be that passengers will be treated to a fine selection of Malaysian and international cuisines with lighter and healthier-concept meals.

And for the first time in the airline history, a "Chef-on-Call" facility will be available to first-class passengers and eventually would be extended to business class passengers on board the A380. 

Luxurious 74" seat pitch, fully flat-bed seats, USB ports, satellite telephone facility and in-seat laptop charging facilities would also be fitted in the aircraft.

Economy class seats will measure 18 inches wide and can recline six inches which come with 10.6-inch individual screens.

The A380 will be operated by a total of 18 crew members on both decks and also has a seating capacity of 494 passengers. The breakdown will be:

  • First Class Lower Deck - 8 Seats
  • Business Class Upper Deck - 66 Seats
  • Economy Class Upper Deck - 70 Seats
  • Economy Class Lower Deck - 350 Seats

A380 Flatbed Seats - A demo version from Toulouse

Malaysia Airlines A380 Flight Information

Kuala Lumpur - London Heathrow flights will be operating 3 times weekly from 1 Jul 2012
  • Non-stop from Kuala Lumpur to London on MH 002
  • From 1 Jul (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday)
  • Non-stop from London to Kuala Lumpur on MH 003
  • From 2 Jul (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
    MH002 KUL2340 – 0550+1LHR 388 146
    MH003 LHR1200 – 0725+1KUL 388 257
Kuala Lumpur to London will be operating daily from 25 Aug 2012
  • Non-stop from Kuala Lumpur to London on MH 002
  • Non-stop from London to Kuala Lumpur on MH 003

The first plane delivered will carry the civil registration of 9M-MNA.


You can also get more information on the Malaysia Airlines A380 from the official airline website.

While the official inaugural Airbus A380 flight takes off on July 1st, 2012 from KLIA in Malaysia, many have already booked their seats to be one of the first to fly this majestic aircraft.

Meanwhile, for now, we can only wait and watch the Malaysia Airlines New A380 plane video.


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