Sunset at Mabul Island, Sabah

Mabul Island Sunset

Sunset at Mabul Island, Sabah is my picture of the week. This beautiful sunset photo was taken from the jetty of my lodge - Seahorse Sipadan Scuba during my trip here in November 2011. As I sat there with beer in my hand, I watched the big orange ball slowly inch its way down and eventually disappear behind the sea line.

On occasion, you get really beautiful front row seats to observe this from the west side of the island. Mabul is closest to Sipadan Island here making it the main place to stay if you plan to do some scuba diving in Sipadan.

Many divers and even snorkelers visit this island as it is one of the best places to dive in Malaysia. If you are visiting the east coast of Borneo in the future, make sure you explore the many unique islands here and take some time in the evenings to catch the amazing Sunset at Mabul Island, Sabah.