Holiday Villa Bali Diwangkara Beach Resort

Holiday Villa Bali Diwangkara Beach Resort was one of the hotels I stayed at during my inaugural trip to Bali. Located in the Sanur beach area, this resort styled hotel seems like the perfect place to enjoy the best of both worlds - Balinese beach and also the amazing Balinese culture. When I first arrived at the hotel, I was greeted by Ms.Nonik, the Sales and Marketing manager here and she took me around the resort showing me some of the unique features available here. In my own opinion, I think this place is very suitable for those looking for a nice and quiet vacation in Bali. If you have kids, this would be perfect as the beach is just a stones throw away while attractions are easily accessible from here.

                           Sanur Beach, Bali                                     Balinese Statue at Holiday Villa

Sanur is about 20 minutes drive (10 km away) from Kuta and located in the south eastern side of Bali therefore it is pretty centralized if you are planning on visiting the many places of interest around Bali. The good thing about this 4-star hotel is that there is no traffic madness unlike Kuta town so it will be a breeze moving in and out of the area anytime of the day. Trust me, after visiting Kuta, I was glad I choose to stay here. 

                             Villa entrance                                                                  Balinese Statues

I took a deluxe pool villa unit which was very private with my own plunge pool and mini outdoor garden while the entire unit is surrounded by a wall with traditional Balinese doors at the main entrance. Inside the villa compound lies a well manicured Balinese garden and plunge pool while the patio comes with some traditional furniture. The main villa walls have intricate Balinese carvings that make this experience a whole. 

Villa Patio at Holiday Villa Diwangkara Bali

Entering the villa, I was greeted by a huge super queen sized four poster bed made out of rich wood. Basic amenities are found all over the room while the bathroom and toilet are interconnected to the plunge pool via a separate wooden door. Inspecting the minor details around the villa, I was pleased to find a bright green circular card that mentioned how the hotel participated in the Environmental Ecology Program and asking the guest to participate in the Go Green Practice by reusing towels and putting off lights and television when not using it. A thumbs up from me on seeing this being practiced.

Environmental Ecology Program - Go Green Practice

Queen Size Four Poster Wooden Bed

No doubt the overall feel of the villa is very homely and warm, the air conditioning was amazingly really cold so if you were out during a nice and hot day, you would be looking forward to coming back here. Another thing is that I don't usually watch television as most of the time I am out exploring sights but I was informed that all the units would be going through an upgrade with new LCD TVs.I hope they are going to be the 50 inch ones.

                       Bathroom door to plunge pool                                               Villa Bathroom and Toilet

Villa private plunge pool

As for the bathroom and toilet, it was very spacious and I liked how the doorway led towards the plunge pool outside making it easy to access the shower or tub without running through the main bedroom. Another point I want to highlight is the partial open top concept for the bathroom where natural light can peep through during the day. But not to worry as there is a netting above to prevent leaves and bugs from coming in. Mosquito's? I don't think I saw or experienced any during my stay here.

Walking around the main resort will instantly give you the traditional Balinese feel as the modest and tasteful decorations make the place complete with minimalist effort. Lush green plants, water features and traditional Balinese statues are placed throughout the grounds. Walking through from the main street entrance of the hotel, you will end up at the main swimming pool area which is just next to the main restaurant. This faces the main Sanur beach and walking street where a hive of activities go on from day to night. There are restaurants and bars located along this mini street for the adventurous and curious guest.

                            Swimming Pool                                                            Breakfast at Holiday Villa Bali

Main walking street outside the beach resort in Bali

As I had my daily breakfast facing the sea, I would see many locals and tourist passing by while beach goers are getting themselves tanned on the long spacious beach here at Sanur. Vendors selling all sorts of nick knacks and souvenirs line the walk way while a short three minute walk along the beach road would lead you to the Le Mayeur Museum which is very interesting. Mind you all this is happening at the back entrance of the Holiday Villa Beach Resort. 

Back at the beach resort, the main lobby area is well divided with the reception, business room, a spa and also a mini stage area with the traditional Balinese Pura walls. Free WiFi is available throughout the main lobby area for guest. As for the Kawas Spa, there are numerous types of traditional and relaxing packages ranging from as low as US$14.00 so for those who had a long flight or simply need to cool down with a nice massage, you can easily access this at the lobby area.

For the ladies, there is a pedicure and manicure service available at the Kawas Spa too. And yes, men can also go for this service. For the Malaysian or Muslim travelers, you can easily get local Malaysian styled halal food at the hotel. Most of the staff here speak very good English and Bahasa so communication is not an issue. As most Balinese are Hindus, pork is widely found throughout the island but the Holiday Villa Diwangkara is a halal resort to cater to Muslim travelers as well.

                         Outdoor restaurant                                          Beach entrance to Holiday Villa Bali  

For more information, you can visit the official website for Holiday Villa Diwangkara Bali. The below are also the published rack rates in US Dollars for the rooms, bungalows and villas. Please do check the website for monthly promotions on the rooms. 

Holiday Villa Bali Diwangkara Room Rates (estimates)
Superior Room: USD145.00 nett
Deluxe Room: USD165.00 nett
Superior Garden Villa: USD185.00 nett
Deluxe Garden Villa: USD195.00 nett
Superior Pool Villa: USD330.00 nett
Deluxe Pool Villa: USD450.00 nett
Antara Pool Villa: USD820.00 nett 

Sanur Beach outside Holiday Villa Diwangkara

How to get to Holiday Villa Diwangkara in Bali

By road via bus or taxi
  • Taxi charges from the airport to Denpasar is less than US$3.00.
  • The best and most popular taxis are the blue cabs from Bali Taxi (0361-701111) and the orange ones from Praja Taxi Bali (0361-289090).
By road
  • Sanur is 20 minutes drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • Tickets can be obtained from the train station or on-line booking.
  • There is also an international express train service to Bangkok, Thailand, operated by State Railway of Thailand.
By sea
  • Two of the four Bali sea ports anchored by international cruise ships and yachts are Benoa, South of Denpasar and Padangbai on the East.
  • Regular ferry services the Padangbai-Lombok route four times daily.
 Some of the villa units at Diwangkara Bali

My conclusion to staying at this resort hotel is: If you are looking to be away from the massive crowds in Kuta, this is your perfect choice as it is very strategically located in the southeast of Bali. For the business travelers, you would also be pleased to know that the resort hotel caters for business packages as they are ready to accommodate from 60 to 115 people in fully wireless internet business meeting rooms.

There is also a special rate for business travelers on the main website. Overall, if I do visit Bali again in the near future, I would easily choose this hotel over the many others due to the simplicity and warm hospitality found at the Holiday Villa Bali Diwangkara Beach Resort.

Holiday Villa Bali Diwangkara Beach Resort Holiday Villa Bali Diwangkara Beach Resort Reviewed by Malaysia Asia on Monday, February 27, 2012 Rating: 5


Jesse said...

I think we have this villa included in our list but I like the photos taken for this blog post.

David Jr said...

Hi Jesse, thanks very much and if you're headed here, I am sure you will be having a fantastic experience at Holiday Villa Diwangkara in Bali.

Christy said...

What a beautiful hotel!:) I just love hotels like these (who doesn't anyway!) which makes a good vacation.
It is also a luxurious stay and one to look forward to after a long day exploring the town. However, sometimes hotels like these make you not want to go out at all, and just be content with enjoying the hotel room:p

David Jr said...

Thanks Christy, a good hotel like this makes your trip complete in my opinion.

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Beautiful beach resort, I like it and thinking about next trip of Bali.

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Holiday Villa Bali Diwangkara Beach Resort looks like a divine place for a holiday, i will definitely consider it!

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