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Win 4 x All Expense Paid Trip to Japan with AirAsia X

AirAsia X contest Japan

Win 4 x All Expense Paid Trip to Japan with AirAsia X

Have you ever wanted to visit Japan? Malaysia Asia with the support of AirAsia X is running this amazing Travel Contest for 2012 and is giving away these absolutely fantastic prizes that are worth over RM30,000 (US$10,000) to Four (4) lucky winners to travel to Japan for 6D/5N with all expenses paid!

Here is your chance to do so with one of the easiest online contest for 2012! Not only will the winners visit one major Japanese city, they get to visit two cities which are Tokyo and Osaka!

Here, they will be visiting some of the famous landmarks in each city and also taking a ride on the famous Japanese Shinkansen Bullet Train between the two cities.

- CONTEST IS OVER - 5th FEB 2012 -

This travel contest has the most simple mechanics as you are not required to buy anything, vote anything or even a slogan. Just follow the four simple steps in the specially created 'Contest Widget' below and you could be on your way to the Land of the Rising Sun!

Here is the best part, the contest is open to anyone living in Asia Pacific, this means Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania. So get those cameras out as the main ingredient for you to be eligible is by taking the most creative "X" photo and submitting it in the contest widget.

对于中国 - 中国网站

สำหรับประเทศไทย -- การประกวดการท่องเที่ยว 2012
Para sa Tagalog - Paglalakbay Contest 2012 

The 4 Grand Prizes

Each Winner will receive;
  • 1 x Ticket to Haneda, Tokyo and 1 x Ticket from Osaka via AirAsia X
  • 6D/5N trip to Tokyo and Osaka, Japan
  • 1 x Bullet Train (Shinkansen) trip from Tokyo to Osaka
  • Hotel Accommodation throughout the trip
  • Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan entry passes
  • Transfers to popular tourist attractions and sites
  • All airport taxes
So how do you take part in this Travel Contest for 2012?

Simple, just watch the 30 second video and follow the steps in the 'special contest widget' below.

Remember, for the last step, you need to take a creative picture of anything that resembles the letter "X" and upload it into the widget. See the 'Final Check' below before uploading your pictures.

Travel Contest 2012 Video

- CONTEST IS OVER - 5th FEB 2012 -

Please Take Note:
  • I noticed a few people uploading just any pictures. Please take note that the picture should have something that resembles the letter "X". See Examples of Uploaded X Pictures.  
  • Stock photos from Google or any other photo site are not allowed and will be disqualified. The pictures must be your own.
  • Altered pictures (using photoshop or any other editing tool) to enhance the X are not allowed. You can sharpen and contrast the picture but putting in an "X" is disallowed. 
  • You are allowed a maximum of Five (5) pictures to be uploaded. 
  • Any pictures that do not meet the above will be removed.  
Final Check:
  • Remember for step #4, you have to "RENAME" your uploaded "X" image to your EMAIL ID - Example: johnsmithATgmailDOTcom.jpg. 
  • Do NOT rename johnsmith@gmail.com.jpg as it will NOT register.
  • Images without the correct email id will be disqualified as we do not know who the image belongs to. 
  • Once you submit your "X" picture, you will see it there in the widget. You are done!
  • No nudity, racial, religious, derogatory or discriminating pictures. 
*Some tips:  You can go through some of your old photos to see if there are any that resemble an "X"

Contest Information: 
  • Date of contest: 7th January - 5th February 2012
  • Prizes: 4 x All Expense Paid Trip to Japan via AirAsia X
  • Eligibility: Anyone residing in Asia Pacific and must be 18 years and above
  • Results Date: 7th or 8th February 2012
  • Results Posted: Malaysia Asia Contest Article, Malaysia Asia Facebook Page
  • Winners Travel Date to Japan: 16th - 22nd February 2012
Additional Information:
  • All flights depart from and return to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • If a winner is selected from example - Australia, you will be flown in from the nearest AirAsia X airport into Kuala Lumpur and then to Japan. This means you simply make your own way to either Melbourne, Perth or Gold Coast to connect your flight to KL.
  • This applies to anyone living in and around Asia Pacific.
  • Contestants MUST have a valid Passport with a minimum of 6 months.
  • Winners need to apply for their Japanese Visa on confirmation. It generally takes about 3-5 working days to get this done. 
Visiting Tokyo Japan
Akihabara, Tokyo
Visiting Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

It has been a dream for many people to visit one of the most fascinating and interesting cities in the world and now you are given a chance to do so with AirAsia X.

Tokyo and Osaka are rated as the first and second largest cities of Japan with a fast thriving metropolis lifestyle. The culture alone is simply amazing where modern technology blends with historical sites and traditions.

For those who have not visited Tokyo and Osaka, below are some graphic pictures showing you some of the attractions found in these two major Japanese cities.

Tokyo is known for the incredible fast moving Japanese lifestyle while everything related to Japan can be found here.

Experience seeing cutting edge electronics and technology, eat traditional Ramen noodles, visit Tokyo Disneyland, check out cosplay and anime, sample Sushi and buy stuff from vending machines that sell just about everything.

On the other hand, Osaka is is another place many people like to visit as the city is home to Universal Studios Japan, the Osaka Aquarium, Osaka Castle, Famous Takoyaki (Grilled Octopus balls) stalls, and a number of well known shopping areas like Shinsaibashi Shopping District in Osaka.

*Prizes are sponsored by AirAsia X


1.       The “Travel X” contest (“Contest”) is organised by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd (“AirAsia X”) and Malaysia Asia (“Malaysia Asia”) (jointly referred to as “Organisers”). Contest period will run from 7th January 2012 (GMT +8) and ends 7th February 2012 at 23.59 (GMT +8) (“Contest Period”). Contest is also open to participants in Asia Pacific only.
2.        There will be Four (4) Prize Winners.3.       The prize (“Prize”) includes:
- Four (4) x Return Tickets on AirAsiaX to Japan.
- Tickets will be - Entry into Haneda, Japan and exit via Osaka, Japan.
- If winners are from out of Malaysia, they will need to find their own way to the nearest AirAsia hub in Asia Pacific where AirAsia or AirAsia X will fly them to Malaysia before connecting to Haneda, Japan.
- All winners and Organisers will go together on one FAM trip to Tokyo (3D) and return via Osaka (3D), Japan via AirAsia X.
- From Tokyo, the winners will be shuttled to Osaka via the Shinkansen Bullet Train.
- Travel dates for the FAM tour will be on the 16 February 2012 (Thur) – 22 February 2012 (Wed).       
- Winners and Organisers will get accommodation, entrance fees to attractions and any transportation fees which are included in the itinerary.
4.      The mechanics;
- Subscribe to the contest article via email
- Share the Contest Article on their Facebook Profile
- Like the Facebook Fan Page
- Upload - Contestants are required to take any picture of anything resembling an “X” in the most creative way possible.
- The ‘X’ picture may be in any form. Example: 2 Chopsticks, Person doing an X... etc.
- The picture(s) will be submitted to an online uploader located in a specially created contest widget on the Malaysia Asia contest article.
- The winners will be selected by submitting the ‘Most Creative X’ picture which will be selected by AirAsia X. 
5.        The Contest is open to ALL (“Participants”) except for the following:
 - Permanent and/or temporary staff or employees of AirAsia Berhad, AirAsia X, Malaysia Asia, AirAsia's group of companies (including subsidiaries and related companies), and their immediate family members;
 - Representatives and/or agents (including advertising and promotion) of AirAsia Berhad, AirAsia X, Malaysia Asia and AirAsia's group of companies and their immediate family members.
 - Anyone under the age of Eighteen (18) years old.
6.        By virtue of an entry to the contest, Participants signify acceptance and agreement to all Terms & Conditions set out here.
7.        Entries with nudity, racial, religious, derogatory or discriminating pictures will be automatically disqualified.
8.        Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age and above.
9.        All Participants are allowed multiple entries but can only win once throughout the entire Contest Period.
10.     Participants with complete entries and who fulfil all the criteria shall be eligible to win the Prize. Incomplete entries and/or entries with incorrect requisite personal details will automatically be disqualified from the Contest.
11.     The winners will be selected by a panel of judges nominated by the Organisers based on the most creative “X” picture.
12.     The selected winners will be contacted via their Facebook account or email.
13.     Winners’ names will also be announced online on all AirAsia and Malaysia Asia social media channels.
14.   The Organisers (including their respective employees, staff and agents) shall not be liable for any loss (including loss of opportunity and consequential loss arising therewith) and/or any damage suffered by any winner in connection with the Contest.
15.   The Prize is not exchangeable and/or transferable. Failure to accept the Prize within 3 working days by any winner shall constitute a rejection by such winner and the Organizer reserves their rights to substitute such rejection with another winner.
16.     The winners are bound by the Terms & Conditions that come with the Prize.
17.     Winners must comply with all the Terms & Conditions herein before claiming the Prize. The Organisers has the right to reject any claims that do not conform to the Terms & Conditions.
18.    The Organisers reserves the right to publish or display materials or information, including but not limited to the names and photographs of all Participants for marketing, advertising and publicity purposes in any manner it deems appropriate. The Organisers further reserves the right to use any personal data of the Participants in any manner and/or for any purpose it deems fit and the Participants are deemed to consent to such use.
19.    The Organisers reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend the Contest with or without any prior notice and reason. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension by the Organisers shall not entitle the Participants to any claim or compensation against the Organisers for any and all losses or damages suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.
20.    The Terms & Conditions herein set out shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representations contained in any other promotional or advertising materials for the Contest.
21.    The Organisers reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms & Conditions and/or substitute or replace the prize from time to time without any prior notice.
22.   By participating in the Contest, it is deemed that the Participants agree to be bound by the terms and is subject to the conditions herein set out upon submission of entry. The decisions of the Organisers in relation to every aspect of the Contest including but not limited to the type of prizes and winners shall be deemed final and conclusive under any circumstance.
23.   The decision of judges appointed by the Organisers is final, conclusive and binding and no further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.
24.     The Prize is non-refundable, non-transferable and not exchangeable for cash or any other benefits in kind.
25.     The Prize includes airport taxes, 15kg of baggage and meals on board.
26.     The Prize excludes any other miscellaneous fees and all other expenses incurred/spent while in Japan and includes alcohol, shopping, etc.
27.     The Prize is subject to AirAsia X terms and conditions of Carriage. 
28.     The terms and conditions of any third party will apply to the prize where applicable.
29.    The Prize does not include anything not listed above including but not limited to: travel insurance, passports, visas, or any other costs of a personal nature not stated. Compliance with any health or other government requirements is the responsibility of the prize-winner.
30.     The Prize must be taken as stated and no compensation will be payable if the winner(s) is unable to use the Prize as stated.
31.     There can be no changes (name of traveller, travel date, etc) made to travel arrangements once bookings are made.
32.     The Organisers accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss (including but not limited to direct, indirect and consequential loss), liability, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by the winner or their guest in connection with this promotion, the promotion of this promotion or the use of any prize, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law).
33.     The Organisers retains the right to substitute the Prize with another of similar value in the event the original Prize offered is not available due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
34.     The Organisers reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions listed at any time without prior notice.

The famous Glico Man in Osaka
Shinjuku in Tokyo

Finally, this has got the be the biggest Online Travel Contest organized by an independent travel blog site for 2012.

Malaysia Asia is no stranger to running online contest and this is the 4th successful online campaign run within 12 months. MA painstakingly worked with the sponsor to arrange this contest for anyone residing around Asia Pacific to participate.

We hope that this contest will bring out the creativity in you when you are out there looking for that 'X' photo. 

As we welcome in the New Year, Leap Year and Year of the Dragon, Malaysia Asia would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2012 and hope the Dragon year brings you good health, wealth, luck and fortune.

For those entering this travel contest 2012, I wish you all the best to Win 4 x All Expense Paid Trip to Japan with AirAsia X.

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Erika Toh said…
Cool! Sounds fun!! xD
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks Erika, I hope you have joined this contest with your most creative "X" picture.
Malaysia Asia said…
Thank you very much Amanda. Just want to let people have the chance of visiting Japan in this. Yes, Osaka Castle is absolutely stunning, especially in the winter too. I can imagine it in the summer.
Malaysia Asia said…
Heya Todd, Happy New Year 2012 and wow, moving to Timor Leste? How long will ya be there? Plus, you've had a loooong time in Japan too :) Thanks for the support and promotions!
Osaka n Tokyo --simple one of the best dream destinations. :)
Eyetravelsolo said…
This sounds great great. I won't be able to enter as a U.S. Citizen, but I will forward tis to my Fiance' in Malaysia. Heck, if she wins I will meet her there & she can pick up the Tab! :)

Kevin aka Eyetravelsolo
Malaysia Asia said…
Devi - Hope you joined the contest and good luck!

Kevin - That sounds like a plan! Thanks :)
Zelig said…
Wonderful contest! And Japan ranks very high on my wish list. Pity I can't participate!
Malaysia Asia said…
Hi Zelig, thank you so much and again, apologies for not being able to participate. I hope to bring another contest which is open worldwide in future.
Sophie said…
Fun contest! I'll spread the word :)
Thristhan said…
Hi David, Happy New Year to you. This is something that I could do with, going through my photos right now looking for that X Factor :) Catch up soon.
Malaysia Asia said…
Sophie, thank you very much!

Thristhan - Awesome and good luck bro!
CathJ said…
Hi David.. Can we change our photo.. ? Or we can upload more than 1(?)
Malaysia Asia said…
Cath, as it did not say how many, the organisers have now decided on each entry will be allowed FIVE (5) pictures. Anything more than that will not be included.

Also, the pictures need to be your OWN photographs. Any stock footage will not be eligible.
Melvin Paul said…
Dear David,

i have been participating since day 1 and i have uploaded more than 5 pictures already :( just saw that a max of 5 is allowed...Is the five effective from today or will all my previous pictures not count? :( Please do let me know...I have been hunting for "x factor' images daily and it would be sad to see the pictures i submit being ineligible :(

Hope to hear from you soon...have a nice day ahead...God bless!! :)
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Melvin, thanks for the message. Yes, they will count. The images have to be your own ones too and not taken from the web because those are not eligible.
Melvin Paul said…
Dear David,

Thanks for the swift response :) Im glad they will count...and yes...all my photos were taken with my camera or my phone ;) Btw, does that mean i cannot submit anymore images? How does the 5 pictures criteria work? Will the system automatically block any images uploaded from the same email add after 5 uploads?

Additionally, will you a create a album of the shortlisted entries at the close of the comepetion (before announcing the winners)? This will surely keep the participants excited/tensed before the announcement of the winners..Just my 2 cents :p

Sorry for so many questions...I just want to make sure i dun break any of the rules :)

Have a nice day ahead! God bless..
Malaysia Asia said…
Melvin, you're right, the shortlisted ones that qualify are uploaded to the facebook page. There have been hundreds of pictures submitted but they go through a screening process too. So all those pictures with no "X" in them will not make it into the shortlist.

Good luck and thank you for your support.
Melvin Paul said…
Whoa...kewl...hope my pics make it to the Facebook page (but i recall some comment on FB saying that they are only examples and not all the shortlisted ones are posted)http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/media/set/?set=a.355050684521304.103402.346352888724417&type=1

Do provide the link where the shorlisted entries will be posted :)

:) Thanks again for ur replies...:)
Ciki said…
go me, go me! participated di lah:P
Malaysia Asia said…
Melvin - Thanks and yes, the shortlisted list will be added to the FB Page at the end of this month so those that made it will be featured there.

CumiandCiki - Thanks very much girl!
Ouch! Wouldn't be in Asia during the travel dates. Will be sharing this anyways to my friends...
mArJ said…

just posted my photos! hope i get lucky! :D thanks a lot! :D
Malaysia Asia said…
P.T.J - Thanks so much for the sharing :)

mArJ & Adrian - Thank you and good luck!
bicara mak dara said…
woww nice entry indeed... =)

I just voted for you at Worlds Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012.. all the best ya..

Plsssss vote for me for THE WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR @ http://socialmediaweek.com.my/awards/category.php?id=33 "click vote di link www.bicaramakdara.com thank youuuuuuuuu =)
Malaysia Asia said…
Prem, thank you and your photo is noted. It will be added into the facebook folder.
Anonymous said…
I'm just curious, when will you guys announce the winners and when is the trip? Thanks for your concern, Bless you. :>
Anonymous said…
hi! where you will announce the winner? posted here or u will send email? just asking..thank you
Malaysia Asia said…
Hi there, ther winners have been announced here: http://blog.malaysia-asia.my/2012/02/travel-contest-2012-winners-for-airasia.html

It was mentioned in the facebook page and also in the subscription for the email.