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Rungus Longhouse Picture of the Week

Rungus Longhouse is my Picture of the Week. This photo of a traditional longhouse was taken near the town of Kudat in northern Sabah Borneo. Called Kampung Bavanggazo Longhouse, this traditional home is situated in the Tinangol district. The Rungus people of northern Sabah used to live in homes like these on stilts for many years and these days, you can still see a few remaining ones left as cultural and heritage showcases. In total, there are about less  than 10 actual homes like these available throughout Sabah.

Rungus Longhouse Ruai

Bavanggazo Longhouse is quite unique because of the multi levels built here on a slope of a hill. Therefore there are bamboo and wooden stairs connecting each level. In total, the longhouse is over 300 meters in length from one end to the other end. Longhouse like these can also be found in Kota Kinabalu at the Mari Mari Cultural Village which is about 20 minutes drive from KK town. But if you really want to experience the original setting, you can always take a tour up north to visit these unique Sabahan Longhouses as the journey there takes about three hours passing traditional villages and picturesque scenery along the way. If you head further up north, you will reach the Tip of Borneo in Sabah.

Bavanggazo Longhouse 

For those wanting a full experience, you can also stay here at the longhouse for a small fee. The rooms are pretty much basic with just a fan and mosquito net. You can always contact Sabah Tourism or any of the tour operators in Kota Kinabalu for further details for a Rungus Longhouse experience.


stella mykonos said...

Lovely picture!! Saved!

Great Himalaya-Thru Hiker said...

Wonderful pictures with description.Look forward to stay there one day,should be wonderful experience.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank Stella and Thru Hiker. :)

glenn | relocatetomaui said...

awesome photographs! i've always wanted to visit kota kinabalu..