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Universal Studios Japan

Osaka Universal Studios
Universal Studios Japan is one of the must visit places when you visit Osaka. Located within the main city itself, you can get there via bus or train and be prepared to spend a full day there.

For those traveling with kids, this would most certainly be on top of your itinerary alongside the Osaka Aquarium which is just a short walk and boat ride away.

Well, as I have always been a theme park lover, it was only right that I visited this spectacular place while I was in Osaka. 

Japan Universal Studios
Universal Studios Japan during the Christmas period
Universal Studios Japan

My journey to Universal Studios Japan was complimentary as the company had arranged a special visit in regards to the AirAsia X's first flight to Osaka in early December 2011.

We made our way there via the Osaka subway which took us roughly about 20 minutes from central Osaka Station without any problems. It was a bonus when English was widely found on ticketing machines, in the trains and even at the platforms so getting lost was pretty hard to achieve.

Here is a good tip for those on a budget - When you arrive at Universal City Station and exit, you will see a convenience store (Lawson) so it is best to buy your food, snacks and drinks here before heading in.

We walked in about five minutes before reaching the main entrance to the theme park. Here, you will find a number of shops and cafes along the way and without hesitation, your eyes will be glued to the main entrance to the park which is also one of the most popular places to take photos.

After getting our entrance tickets to Universal Studios Japan, a whole new world opened before my eyes as I walked in. Something was different - the mood, feel and atmosphere was suddenly changed to this wonderland feeling.

Osaka Coca Cola
If you visit in the summer, this is one of the must-visit booths
A sea of people was seen at the main walkway into the park while costumed characters in striking colors were entertaining guest at random places.

Hearing the famous piped music along the streets brought memories of my Universal Studios USA trip back as my last visit to the States was in 2000. It was 11 years since I last visited a park like this.

As me and the group got a little further inside the park, street ushers began to clear the main streets as a special Christmas Parade was about to take place. Those who knew, lined the street curbs while our Malaysian group had no clue to what was going on.

Eventually, we followed suit and stood by the curb awaiting the parade. I have to say that the Japanese people do a fantastic job in performing these kinds of shows.

Armed with pride and smiles, the dancers were seen very happy and energetic throughout the ten minute show which was followed by a 'Snowman' performance.

If you have never been to a Universal Studios, you should know that the format of this theme park is very American-styled. You will see replicas of American Diners, Streets and even townships throughout the park.

Restaurant at Universal Studios Japan
One of the restaurants in USJ
Apart from these, you will find thrilling rides on roller coasters, 3D and 4D cinemas, Movie experiences and even spectacular shows from famous movies.

Below, you will see a series of random pictures which I took during my visit here so have a great time looking at them. Click on the pictures if you want to see it in a larger size.

If you have any questions regarding USJ, please feel free to leave a comment below. Additional information about this place is at the end of the article. 

One of the rides I enjoyed and would recommend for families and kids would be the Jurassic Park Ride. Even tough it has been over 10 years ago since the movie, the ride is still one of the memorable ones to experience.

As suspected, when out group got there, the line was incredibly long with a minimum wait of 30 minutes.But at the end, it was all worth it.

Japan Universal Studios
Some of the theater shows at USJ

While I have experienced Terminator - The Ride in the USA, I just had to try my luck here in Japan again. Lining up was pretty quick, about 10 minutes waiting in the Cyberdyne Systems waiting room.

The good news, it is really entertaining for all ages but here is the catch. The entire dialog before the show/ride starts is in Japanese. So, if you do not speak the language, you will most probably be lost in translation. 

Japanese cup noodles of Sesame Street
Sesame Street Cup Noodles

Tickets for Universal Studio Japan
Ticket Prices Adults
Age 12+
Age 4-11
Age 65+
Studio Pass 6,200yen 4,100yen 5,500yen
2-day Studio Pass 10,700yen 7,200yen -
Twilight & Day Pass 8,200yen 6,100yen -

*Please visit the official website for the latest ticket prices as the above prices was in 2011.

Universal Studios Osaka train map
JR Line to Universal Studios Osaka, Japan

How to go to Universal Studios Japan?
  • Best way is to take the train from the main Osaka Station in town.
  • JR Osaka Loop Line (環状線 Kanjō-sen) runs in a loop around Osaka.
  • Alternately, look for the JR Yumesaki Line and stop at Universal City Station.
  • There are buses from Kansai Airport to USJ.
Universal Studios Japan Information and Address:
Information Center Telephone:+81 6 6465 3000
Address:2-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka 554 0031
Official website for Universal Studios Japan.

*AirAsia X Flies to Osaka, Japan four times a week from Kuala Lumpur.

Apart from exploring the many places around here, this is the best theme park experience I had had in a long time. The place is also worth a visit for all walks of life.

While you are visiting Osaka, there are a number of things to do like shopping at Shinsaibashi, Dontonburi or visiting the many historical places or even visiting the Osaka Aquarium which is one of the top five in the world.

And if you are traveling solo, as a couple of family, I would hands down recommend visiting the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. 


Meitzeu said...

I have yet to visit Universal Studio in Singapore. And I wish to visit Japan someday. :)

Meitzeu @ Facebook

Amanda Silver said...

snacks at Miss Kitty... so sweet! I love the way they decorate those places and I surely not miss Universal Studios when I will travel to Osaka.

Malaysia Asia said...

Meitzeu - Soon there will be a chance for you. Hopefully in 2012 to visit Osaka, Japan.

Amanda - Yes, the Hello Kitty Stall is pretty interesting, just that I couldn't be 'girl' enough to go buy something then :)

Diana Diane Teo said...

We cancelled our trip to Universal due to time constraint. Really regret for doing so. Anyway, this will definitely be in my list if going Osaka again.

Amanda Silver said...

David - :))

SherrY ChanG said...

This month will be going Osaka, Japan for traveling. What mean Twilight & Day Pass? Thinking how to plan an itinerary to Japan.

Malaysia Asia said...

Schy, I think it is better to check the official USJ website as it is in Engliah too. Twilight should be for the night parade which probably happens on weekends. But then again, please check as I just visited on the day pass where the park closes at 5pm during winter.