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Muzium Negara Free Guided Tours

Free Tours Museum Negara
There is a Muzium Negara Free Guided Tour that lets you discover Malaysia within an hour - and it's absolutely free.

All visitors to beautiful Malaysia need to do to discover the rich history and heritage of the country is to join the free guided tours conducted by the museum volunteer guides.

The free guided tours, which start at 10am, are in English (everyday, except Fridays & Sundays), French (on Tuesdays & Thursdays), Japanese (on Thursdays and the 3rd Saturday of every month), Mandarin and Malay (both on Saturdays during Malaysian school holidays).

Free Guided Tours At Museum Negara

In addition, guided tours in other European languages – Dutch, German, Danish, Spanish, Russian and Polish – are also available on request.

This is thanks to the efforts of a strong expatriate community in Malaysia, who want to share the rich cultural heritage of this country with visitors from their own homeland.

Further, while Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain (and Japan) were the colonial masters of the Malay peninsula, many other nationalities played a role in the history of Malaysia, its commerce and also in enriching its culture.

Photo of Alfonso de Albuquerque
Alfonso de Albuquerque

The tour, which takes about an hour to complete the four galleries (pre-history, Malay world, colonial era & modern Malaysia), focuses on selected highlights of Muzium Negara's collections.

The tour is aimed at helping visitors discover and understand Malaysian culture, history and heritage.

As the guided tours are conducted by trained volunteer guides, every tour will be different as every guide will focus on different artifacts.

The guides may also focus on different artifacts to suit the interests of the visitors depending, for instance, from which country they are from.

 Exhibit at Muzium Negara
Ceramics at Muzium Negara, Malaysia

The volunteers do not collect any fees for their services. Even tips are a no-no. They are just a dedicated bunch of Malaysians and expatriates who want to share a bit of Malaysia to visitors – from ceramics salvaged from shipwrecks dotted around the country to skeletal remains of Perak Man, one of the most significant archaeological finds in this part of the world.

Learn about the textiles in Malaysia and how enriched they have been by traders from all over the world from more than 600 years ago. Or the unique weaving of the many  races in Sabah and Sarawak.

And the unique monarchy system in Malaysia where the king rules for five years and, after a unique election, another sultan takes over as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. There have been more kings in modern Malaysia than prime ministers!

Artifacts Muzium Negara
Spanish pistol on display at Muzium Negara

There is no need to pre-register for the free tours. Just drop in and wait near the ticket counter (yes, you pay a token fee for the ticket to visit the museum) a few minutes before the scheduled tours in your preferred language. Custom-tailored tours can also be arranged for schools, embassies and companies. 

How to get to Muzium Negara?
  • The museum is just nearby KL Sentral and is a five minute walk there
  • You can also easily walk here via Central Market in town and then through the old KL Railway Station as it takes about 10 minutes only
  • For those using the KL Hop-on Hop-off City Tour bus, Muzium Negara, is at Stop Number 12
  • From anywhere else, you can take a taxi or Grab car
For special needs and more information contact Department of Museums Malaysia;
Telephone: 03-22671094
Email: mvmqueries@yahoo.com

This is Malaysia's national museum and for anyone wanting to know more about the country, Muzium Negara is the place to visit. 

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