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KLIA Duty Free Shops

KLIA Duty Free Shops at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport offers a wide range of products to suite all kinds of travelers moving in and out of Malaysia.

At the main terminal building of the KL International Airport or KLIA as it is commonly called, there are a number of duty free shops available here for domestic travelers and even for those sending off or receiving guest.

The Satellite Building which caters to international flights is connected via aerotrain and houses even more duty free shops, food and beverage outlets, a spa and even a hotel.

Duty Free Shops in KLIA Airport

For travelers coming into Malaysia, this would be the main airport that you will arrive at and it is here that you will come across the many international and local brand names, food and beverage outlets and also retail stores while exiting your arrival gate.

From there, you will head towards the aerotrain which is in the center of the satellite building to get to the immigration and baggage area at the airport.

Bulgari, Braun Buffel, Bonia and Aigner Duty Free Stores in KLIA

The main satellite building of KLIA is divided into four wings, north, south, east and west, where you will find duty free shops at all of these wings.

If you require to purchase something special, you will need to check the information boards or visit the main information counter to inquire about the item you are looking for.

In the middle of the satellite building, you will notice a rainforest jungle in the airport which is called The Jungle Boardwalk. Here, anyone can enter this unique attraction and see a true Malaysian rainforest with a waterfall.

Coach, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hush Puppies and Sembonia Stores in KLIA

Shopping at KLIA Duty Free Shops

You will find all kinds of duty free shops at KLIA ranging from international world class designer brands right till local homegrown products.

For the trendy, there are top international brand names in the main satellite building while the local Malaysian designers can be found at both terminal buildings.

Travelers who require some rest and relaxation, there is a hotel and a spa located in the main satellite building.

The many premium airline lounges also provide areas for you to rest and relax so do check with your airline for this service.

Ralph Lauren, Khazanah Clothes, Made in Malaysia and L'Occitane Shops in KLIA

Time Watches, Cigar Store, Duty Free Chocolates and Guardian Pharmacy in KLIA

You can also find a number of stores selling chocolates, cigars, souvenirs, kids clothes, electronics, bookstores and even a pharmacy in the main satellite building.

If you are not feeling well, there is also a clinic located at one of the wings here, and you can inquire with the main information counters.

For those seeking cigarettes and liquor, there are many duty free shops in the area that cater to all sorts of international brands.

And for the wanderlust traveler, there is a Lonely Planet store available at the main satellite building, which sells all sorts of interesting items. 

Royal Selangor, Poney, Mystical Borneo and MPH Bookstore in KLIA

Hugo Boss, Burberry, Dunhill and Bulgari Stores in KLIA

Charles & Keith, Hermes, Godiva and La Mer Shops in KLIA

While the main area of the satellite building is right in the center where the Jungle Boardwalk is, there are also a number of cosmetic and beauty product stores here.

For those who are serious into make up, there are a number of big names like Kiehl's, La Mer, Anna Sui and more located around here.

Satellite building main area where Cosmetic Brands are available

Do take note that there is always some sale going on in Malaysia and sometimes, some of the international brands will have very good discounts at the airports.

You should also know that there are over 100 food and beverage, brands and retail stores around the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, hence you can spend a good amount of time exploring.

While some are located in the main terminal, most of them are found at the satellite building. The best way to see these stores is to go a little earlier for your flight and you can maximize your time at the KLIA duty free shops.


TheWorldOrBust said...

Wow, that's the most serious duty free I've ever seen!

Ken Roland said...

Loving the shops here. If I ever stop by Malaysia airports, I'll surely spend some time here as I'm a big Hugo boss fan.

information technology said...

beautiful shopping mall

Flights to Addis Ababa said...

The time to enjoy a European trip is about three weeks after unpacking.

annonymous said...

may i ask something?
what time they begin?i'd like to grab some souvenirs then.. :-)
what time it's office hour?

Malaysia Asia said...

Anon - Office hours are 9am to 5pm, so the best time to buy is during those times. At night or early morning, many shops are not opened.