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Emirates to fly Airbus A380 from KL to Dubai

Airbus A380 Emirates KL Dubai
Emirates to fly Airbus A380 from KL to Dubai this January 1st 2012 and will be the first commercial A380 flight out of Malaysia.

On board the plane, there are 14 private suites in first class while the business class seats extend to a 2 meter long flat bed.

In conjunction with this inaugural flight, Emirates, Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts and the Star Metro Newspaper ran an offline campaign to give Malaysians a chance to experience the luxury of the A380 and also enjoy a relaxing holiday in Dubai.

Those who submitted a cut out from the local newspaper would be drawn to win a pair of Business Class Tickets to Dubai. 

Private Suites Airbus A380 Private suites on the Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is one of the most environmentally advanced aircraft in the sky and is also known as a premium hotel in the sky.

With fuel efficiency as low as 3.1 liters per 100 passenger kilometers, ultra quiet engines, and a host of light-weight components, The A380’s fuel efficiency is better than most modern small passenger cars in terms of fuel economy per passenger kilometer – this is a key advantage in reducing emissions and maximizing eco-efficiency.

Emirates is also the largest operator of the A380, with 13 aircraft currently in their fleet and orders for 90 aircraft in total.

Private Suite Cabins Emirates A380 Emirates A380 Private Suite Cabins

Flat Bed Business Class Seats Emirates A380
Emirates A380 Flat Bed Business Class Seats

Spa on Airbus A380
 The unique shower and spa on board the A380 plane

Emirates Bar Airbus A380
Bar Lounge on board the A380

One of the highlights is the First Class feature that  is the talk of the travel industry which is the On-board Shower Spa, brought to you by the airline's premium spa brand, Timeless Spa.

On the Economy class, there are more generous seats, wider aisles, gourmet chef-prepared meals and the Emirates' personal touch means passengers could be mistaken for thinking they have settled in the wrong cabin class.

Economy Seats on Emirates A380 Emirates A380 Economy Seats

*All pictures taken from Emirates website.

On a side note, the Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 Plane will arrive as early as April 2012 and will most likely be flying the Kuala Lumpur - London route.

It is currently undergoing final fittings and paint work in Hamburg in Germany before being delivered. This is the first of six Airbus A380 planes that Malaysia Airlines has ordered. 

As a number of people have already been on these magnificent wonders, there are still many who have not even seen or been in one of them.

For those of you who are yearning to fly on these super luxury planes out of Malaysia, you can now do so by booking with Emirates to fly the Airbus A380 from KL to Dubai this January 2012.


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