Panda Bears Video in Shanghai, China

Panda Bears Video in Shanghai, China was taken by me a month before the 2010 World Expo. I had uploaded these videos to YouTube but totally forgot about them therefore here they are, three videos of these cute little black and white bears which were specially brought in for the expo in Shanghai. These bears were also displayed in a special enclosure which had reinforced plastic walls so everyone could see them from all angles. Just have a look at the videos and see how playful these bears are.

Panda Bears Video in Shanghai Zoo

Panda Bears Playing Video

Video of Panda Pears in Shanghai, China

The videos were taken using my old Fuji Camera with standard video function therefore they are in normal quality and not in HD. For those of you who are visiting or recently visited the Shanghai Zoo, you should probably know that these cute little pandas have been sent back to Chengdu after the expo. Right now, there are a couple of Red Panda Bears and One or Two Giant Panda Bears at the Shanghai Zoo. If you want to catch loads of these cuddly critters, you should make your way to Chengdu as they have a Panda Bear Conservation there.