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Festival of People and Tribes in Bali, Indonesia (Pt 2)

Bali Festival of Arts and Culture
Festival of People and Tribes in Bali, Indonesia is the second part of my photo series. I visited Bali back in June 2011, I was fortunate enough to attend a massive local festival which showcased the many different people and cultures of Indonesia in one big event.

This festival which was held at Lapangan Puputan in Badung, Denpasar was a spectacular event where you get to see almost all of the Indonesian cultures in one parade.

One thing that stands out in these pictures are all the amazing headdresses, costumes and details they put into each of the clans. Just examine the pictures and you will know that they are very serious about their culture.

Without hesitation, I give you the many faces and tribes of Indonesia below. Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions.

Bali Festival of Arts and Culture Photos

Below are photos taken during the festival, and they are all random where I spent some time walking around the festival grounds.

Festival in Bali
A local all dressed up for the festival in Bali
Art and Culture Festival in Bali
Looking all serious during the festival
Festival in Denpasar
Taking a break from the long day
Arts and People Festival in Bali
Even the elderly take part
Men from a local tribe participating
Dresses in traditional attire
Cultural Festival in Denpasar
Some of the more interesting costumes
Looking all serious for the camera
Beautiful costumes from one of the groups
Dayak man from Kalimantan
Kalimantan Dayak man
Even children tape part at the festival
Festival of Arts in Bali
A strange mix of culture and military
Colors and fake mustaches 
Barongan which looks scary
Behind the mask
A local comedian entertainer
Papua Indonesia Tribe
One of the tribes from Papua Indonesia
Festival of people and tribes in Indonesia
Strange costumes, but I believe there is an influence of the Dutch here
There you have it, various pictures of the different cultures found around Indonesia taken by me using my Nikon D60 with 55-300mm lens, no filters.

If you have missed my earlier series, you can see them from my first part of the Festival of People and Tribes in Bali

For those of you who are interested, this unique parade in Bali is held in the second week of June and in Denpasar. You should check with the Bali Tourism Board on the exact dates if you want to witness this amazing event.

I hope you have enjoyed all the pictures taken here, and I am currently making plans to visit future arts and culture festivals in Bali, Indonesia. I hope it happens sooner than expected too. 

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