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Festival of People and Tribes in Bali, Indonesia (Pt 1)

Culture, Arts and People Festival Denpasar Bali
Festival of people and tribes in Bali, Indonesia is a photography post or photo blog dedicated to the many unique and interesting tribes and cultures of Indonesia.

While I visited Bali back in June 2011, I was fortunate enough to attend a massive local festival which showcased the many different people and cultures of Indonesia in one big event.

Being an avid photographer, I was totally ecstatic about this festival which was held at Lapangan Puputan in Badung, Denpasar and went snapshot crazy. The funny thing I noticed here was that the majority of the crowd were mostly locals and I hardly saw any foreigners there. 

Anyway, this stunning event is held once a year and for next year in 2012, I believe I will be there again to witness this event and hopefully with a new camera body and some new lenses.

Without hesitation, I give you the many faces and tribes of Indonesia below. Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions.

Bali Culture, Arts and People Festival in Denpasar

Bali Arts, Craft Festival in Denpasar
A unique face mask from one of the tribes in Indonesia
Klungkung tribe Indonesia
Kabupaten Klungkung tribe

Traditional costume Balinese
Beautiful Balinese girl in traditional attire

Event in Denpasar
One of the tribes which I do not know the name but with beautiful make up

traditional people from Indonesia
Balinese tribe girl

Costume for Sulawesi Barat people
West Sulawesi Tribe (Sulawesi Barat)

Indonesia Jembrana Tribe
Jembrana Tribe Girl

Indonesia Deeng People
Deeng tribe woman
Tabanan Tribe Indonesia
Tabanan tribe girl

Indonesia's Deeng tribe
Deeng tribe people

Indonesia Pedawa people
Desa Pedawa Clan

Indonesia Bangli tribe
Bangli tribe girls

Costume for Klungkung people
Kabupaten Klungkung Attire

Indonesia Klungkung
Another Kabupaten Klungkung girl

Straw Hats from Bali Indonesia
Young Balinese girls in straw headdress

Bali Bangli People
Bangli girl with headdress

Balinese Bangli Girl
Bangli girl from Bali
Balinese Tabanan Girl
Tabanan tribe girl

Tabanan Regency Girl
Tabanan girl

People from Bangli Bali
Pretty Balinese Girls pose for a picture

Traditional Balinese Headdress
Beautiful hairdo and headdress on this girl

Balinese Tabanan Woman
A local tribe girl, Tabanan

pretty local Bali girl
Colorful attire from this tribe

Balinese Women
Beautiful headdress on these Indonesian girls

The pictures taken above are from some of the many tribes found around Indonesia. I also do not know all of the tribe names so if anyone reading this knows, please do share in the comment below.

I would also like to extend my special thanks to Miss Devi and Miss Nonik from Holiday Villa Hotels and Resorts Bali as they were the ones who suggested I go visit this festival during my holiday trip here.

As this is part one, I will be compiling the second part in time to come. The next series of the Denpasar festival of arts, culture and tribes of Bali will showcase the many men in costumes from the Festival of People and Tribes in Bali, Indonesia.


Barbara Weibel said...

Gorgeous photos David! The last one is my favorite. How fortunate you were to attend this festival.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Barbara, that said, I still wanna go back next year to fully photograph this festival with proper gear. Fascinating event if you ask me. Hopefully we can time our travels and possibly meet up there?

prananta said...

very nice photograph about bali :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Prananta :)

Michael Figueiredo said...

Wow--such beautiful costumes. It looks like you had a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Such rich and diverse culture. Realistically, I assume not all of costumes are traditionally accurate, but the diverse forms, fabrics, shapes, patterns, head gears are enough to show uniqueness in each tribe. Fascinating.

Jen said...

gorgeous, gorgeous!! love those headdresses...i wonder how heavy they are...

inka said...

If ever the word breath taking was appropriate: this is the occasion. And I'm in awe of your photographic skills.

jade said...

Love the headdresses, the colors and regal-ness... gorgeous!

Mark Wiens said...

Great collection of photos David. The make-up, outfits, and hairdos are extremely elaborate. It's also great to hear that the crowd consisted of a lot of locals.

Sophie said...

Beautiful photos, David! I haven't been to Bali in ages - now I feel like going back!

Malaysia Asia said...

Michael - Thanks and yes, I did. Was totally unaware of this festival until they told me last minute. Now I want to go back for next year.

Olee - I have to agree with you on this but I need to study the cultures to know which is the original. However, it was indeed fascinating.

Jen - In the hot afternoon, they must have been heavy, hot and sweaty. Most importantly, they looked their best and were cheerful.

Inka - Thank you so much. I'm sure if you were there, you'd have a field day. I had to go through 1000s of pictures to select some of them here.

Malaysia Asia said...

Jade - Thanks, when the sun hit the costumes and headdresses, the colours stood out like a sore thumb which made photographing them a wonder!

Mark - Lets hope next year it remains the same. I am really curious on what the theme will be.

Sophie - Thanks and it's held around 9-11th June. So, if you're heading there next year, let me know.

Shirlene from Idelish said...

Amazing and vivid colored photos! Love the colors and the decorations on the people! I too wonder how hot it must be for them to be wearing all that makeup and costumes!

Laura said...

Amazing photos! Those headdresses are so elaborate! Aren't they heavy and uncomfortable for the poor girls?

Gildo Kaldorana said...

Cantik-cantik semua.
Bali adalah Bali

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Shirlene, Laura and Gildo. Simply amazing ain't it. Watch for my next post, Part 2 which focuses on the men in costumes.

Gladys | WanderingTandem.com said...

Bali is one of my favorite places on earth. I love the culture, i love their tradition :)

Travel Club said...

amazing pics i really love these pics

Puerto Rico Is The Place said...

Very nice pictures and costumes!

blackchecks said...

Stunning photographs! Such rich cultures there. How did you come to know about this festival? and how do you usually travel to bali? via holiday packages?

petterjoe said...
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Andre Cakep said...

Dear pal, thank you for praising my country. I am Indonesian and would like to share some information. I think the festival you watched in Bali was showcasing Hindu culture tribes since Toraja people in Sulawesi are known as Hindu devotees like Balinese. To simplify the administration, Indonesian government acknowledges 33 provinces meaning there are 33 principal ethnic groups. But if we talk about all existing tribes in Indonesia, there are around 400 regional groups scattering in Indonesian archipelago. From the Islam influenced Aceh and Malay related tribes in Sumatra, Javanese which comprises around 10 tribes, the Dayaks in Borneo, Bugis, Toraja, etc. in Sulawesi, Portuguese influenced Ambon, and Aborigenal culture in Papua. A festival dedicated to ALL tribes living in Indonesia with one representative respectively walking in a line will be roughly 200 meters long.

made bali said...

It is Great and very rare Costume available in other country Only In Bali You will find very huge something strange and different from other

wahyu said...

Hindu Bali culture is living culture. The traditionality is always grow and enriched by Balinese themselves. So do with Thai, Khmer, Lao, ect. In Thailand and Cambodia, dresses and headgears are reinvented based on their ancient cultures. Healthy traditional cultures are always develop in spite of local senses. Great photos btw! :-)