Festival of People and Tribes in Bali, Indonesia (Pt 1)

Festival of people and tribes in Bali, Indonesia is a photography post or photoblog dedicated to the many unique and interesting tribes and cultures of Indonesia. While I visited Bali back in June 2011, I was fortunate enough to attend a massive local festival which showcased the many different people and cultures of Indonesia in one big event. Being an avid photographer, I was totally ecstatic about this festival which was held at Lapangan Puputan in Badung, Denpasar and went snapshot crazy. The funny thing I noticed here was that the majority of the crowd were mostly locals and I hardly saw any foreigners there. 

Anyway, this stunning event is held once a year and for next year in 2012, I believe I will be there again to witness this event and hopefully with a new camera body and some new lenses. Without hesitation, I give you the many faces and tribes of Indonesia below. Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions.

A unique face mask from one of the tribes in Indonesia

Kabupaten Klungkung tribe

Beautiful Balinese girl in traditional attire

One of the tribes which I do not know the name but with beautiful make up

Balinese tribe girl

West Sulawesi Tribe (Sulawesi Barat)

Jembrana Tribe Girl

Deeng girl

Tabanan tribe girl

Deeng tribe people

Desa Pedawa Clan

Bangli tribe girls

Kabupaten Klungkung Attire

Another Kabupaten Klungkung girl

Young Balinese girls in straw headdress

Bangli girl with headdress

Another Bangli girl

Tabanan tribe girl

Tabanan girl

Pretty Balinese Girls pose for a picture

Beautiful hairdo and headdress on this girl

A local tribe girl, Tabanan

Colorful attire from this tribe

Beautiful headdress on these Indonesian girls

The pictures taken above are from some of the many tribes found around Indonesia. I also do not know all of the tribe names so if anyone reading this knows, please do share in the comment below. I would also like to extend my special thanks to Miss Devi and Miss Nonik from Holiday Villa Hotels and Resorts Bali as they were the ones who suggested I go visit this festival during my holiday trip here. As this is part one, I will be compiling the second part in time to come. The next series will showcase the many men in costumes from the Festival of People and Tribes in Bali, Indonesia.