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Bearded Pig Picture - The bearded pig found at the Bako National Park in Sarawak is also known as Sus barbatus or as the Bornean bearded pig. (Babi Janggut in Malay). It can be easily recognized by its prominent beard and sometimes has tassels on its tail. This breed  is usually found in Southeast Asia in the island of Borneo, Peninsula Malaysia and also in Sumatra.During my trekking trip to Bako Park, I was fortunate to encounter this fascinating creature along the beach and again inside the park. If you are visiting the national park, you are most likely bound to come across these unique pigs. 

Once you encounter them, I would advise to keep a distance as you never know what they will do. Their senses are really strong and can sniff out food a mile away so if you are carrying food, most likely the pigs would be eying you. Some of these pigs grow up to about 90cm high and weigh about 100 kilograms. 

Bearded Pig at Bako National Park

Bearded pigs are usually most active in the morning and late afternoon. They usually wallowing in mud, rest, or sleep during the midday. In areas inhabited by humans, bearded pigs may shift to a nocturnal existence, particularly if they take to raiding crops or general waste thrown in dustbins. In the rainforest, the pigs regularly follows gibbons and macaques, feeding on fruit that is dropped or dislodged by the primates. The pigs swim well too, including between oceanic islands, and are good climbers and jumpers, even when young therefore you may even find them in islands.

 Bearded Pig Picture

While exploring Bako National Park, I noticed some tourist who were fascinated with this creature and could not stop trying to take pictures of the animal. As you can see in the picture above, the hiker very close to the pig photographing it as it passes by. Just for the record, there are other known names for this creature which are Sanglier à moustache, Bartschwein, Nangoi or Babi putih.  For a close encounter experience, you can visit the Bako National Park in Sarawak to see Bearded Pigs.
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Barbara Weibel said...

Truly, a face only a mother could love. They remind me a lot of African warthogs, though they have tusks. They're a bit belligerent as well.

David Jr said...

Thanks Barbara, I'm yet to see the African Warthogs too. Do they have long legs? I'm sure they are cousins of some sort.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Amazing that it let him get that close. I guess it's used to humans. A real wild boar would either run away or charge. said...

Someone needs them to shave, its too bushy already!

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