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Sarawak Sea Stack Picture

Photo of Sarawak Sea Stack

This Sarawak Sea Stack is my picture of the week as this is uniquely one of Sarawak's most iconic natural landmark.

During my many times that I have visited the Bako National Park, I will always see the Cobra Sea Stack before arriving at the park entrance.

Sarawak Sea Stack

Sarawak Cobra Sea Stack
The cobra sea stack during high tide.
The sea stack is naturally formed over millions of years and is truly a wonder of Sarawak where it resembles a shape of a hooded cobra sticking out of the water.

During the high tide is the best time to see this as when the tide is low, the boats are unable to pass through the main sea stack area.

When you visit Bako National Park, you need to take the boat from the jetty at Kampung Bako which is a local Malay fishing village located about one hour from Kuching city.

Among the many attractions besides the national park here, you will see the famous Mount Santubong in the distance while various rock formations of animals can be seen around the sea stack. 

For those who are seeking some Eco, Rainforest, Culture and Nature Adventures, Sarawak holds many interesting places to visit, but you need time to do these.

And for those planning to visit Sarawak, a recommended length of stay here would also be a minimum of five days.

There are many travel or tour companies in Kuching that offer day trips to the national park and also overnight trips. You can find them around Kuching city and usually they depart in the morning.

Bako Sea Stack
The sea stack is seen from afar.

If you are a photographer or just a curious traveler like me, I would highly recommend visiting the Bako National Park to see this unique rock formation in the sea.

My trip here was one of many and with Borneo Adventure and Travel Holiday as they make day trips to Bako National Park.

In general, all the tour operators will have this in their itinerary to see the magnificent Sarawak Sea Stack which is beautifully created by mother nature. 


Meitzeu said...

Magnificent sky view there.
Never been there and I wish to plan my to visit sarawak one day. :)


Cloe House said...

Really this is a beautiful pjhoto, I wish I could go there too, looks like pareadise!

Cathj said...

Nice shot..

Paul Kessler said...

I've been reading your posts recently on your site and they were all quite resourceful. I really enjoyed reading. I was wondering if you're open for guest bloggers? I can submit one that would definitely be enjoyed by your readers.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards, Paul.

Malaysia Asia said...

Meitzeu - One day you will. Make sure you're ready for some serious hiking at Bako National Park.

Cloe - Thank you very much. When you do go there, let me know.

Cath - Been here before?

Paul - Thanks for the kind words and Sure thing, shoot me an email and we can talk about guest posting.

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beautiful pic...

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awesome pic......

businessword said...

beautiful view....

ecobusiness said...

nice view ...thanks 4 sharing

Place 2B travel said...

What a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rocks against the blue sky.
Thanks for sharing.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you all for the comments.