Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 First Test Flight

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 First Test Flight took off from Toulouse, France for its maiden flight on 20th October 2011. After a successful flight of five hours, the aircraft returned to the Airbus factory in Toulouse to be prepared for its next journey to the Airbus facilities in Hamburg, Germany for cabin installation and painting and then sent back to Toulouse before doing the official handover. For now, there is still no ideas on the interior of the MAS plane as it is still very tight lipped. In the picture above, you see the body of the plane still in its raw colors. Only the tail fin has been painted with the national carriers logo.
Malaysia Airlines First A380 taking off on maiden flight at Toulouse, France

Tail fin with the MAS logo being fitted on to the A380 in Toulouse

The Malaysian Airlines A380 being assembled in the factory in Toulouse, France

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 Lands in Hamburg, Germany 

The MAS Airbus A380 which took off from Toulouse in France successfully landed in Hamburg, Germany where cabin installations and paintings will be done. Below are exclusive pictures of the Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 plane landing in Hamburg.

Plane coming in for landing in Hamburg

Airbus A380 touches down on the runway

Successful landing in Hamburg, Germany

The Malaysia Airlines A380 plane is also powered by four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines and the aircraft is the first of six A380s ordered by the national carrier where the scheduled for delivery is speculated in the second quarter of 2012. Malaysia Airlines will be the 8th airline to operate the A380 plane and the route which will most likely be used for this amazing plane is the Kuala Lumpur-London sector.

Read my other article with video about the Malaysia Airlines New Airbus A380 Plane Sneak Preview as I visited the factory in Toulouse, France in June 2011 on a site visit organized by MAS. The pictures above are taken from the official Airbus Media center where they have their own official photographers who took the amazing pictures of the Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 first test flight.