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Hotel Tugu Bali Review

Tugu Hotel in Bali

Hotel Tugu Bali in Indonesia is one of the most unique hotels and resorts on the island of Bali. The property is quietly located in the fishing village of Canggu, and the 22 luxury suite-only hotel boasts of a very impressive collection on antiques and curios throughout the entire place like a museum of some sort.

Almost everything you see there is an antique collected from all over Indonesia and Southeast Asia, some even priceless. I had the pleasure of experiencing a stay here and this is my story. 

Never having been to Bali, this was my maiden trip there and the nine days spent, three of them were in the Canggu area which is in between Kuta and Tanah Lot. The village is non-commercialized therefore there are only two hotel resorts here where one of them is the Tugu Hotel Bali.

Apart from this, the village houses a very old Pura or temple which serves the local fishing and rice field community here. This alone made my experience in Bali something to remember as I have heard too much of the over-commercialization that is happening on this island.

Hotel Tugu Bali Review

Hotel Tugu Canggu
Giant Garuda Statue at Hotel Tugu Bali

On my arrival at the Tugu Hotel Bali, the first thing that caught my attention was a super-sized giant Garuda statue carved out of a single piece of wood.

I was in awe looking at this beautiful unpainted sculpture while waiting for the resident manager to greet me.

Sitting in the majestic hotel lounge, I looked around and every detail seemed to be fashioned in some antique way. Was I in the right place? It did not look like a hotel or resort but more like a well designed antique museum of some sort.

Eventually, the resident manager - Stephanie greeted me while I was served with a local lemongrass welcome drink and cold towel.

I just had to ask her about the massive Garuda statue, and she explained that the owner once saw the unfinished sculpture at the back of a crafters factory and offered to buy it.

The crafter thought the owner had lost his mind as it was merely a piece of junk but sold it to him. The owner continued to restore it and today it stands statuesque in the middle of the hotel lobby.

Reception at Tugu Hotel
The unique reception area of the hotel surrounded by antiques

Tugu Hotel in Canggu
Antique Traditional Wayang Kulit Stall set as decoration

Antiques at Hotel Tugu Bali

After filling up my check-in form, Stephanie took me on a quick tour around the main reception and lobby area explaining the overall concept of the hotel. Each and every piece is part of the Tugu owner's private collection.

Lobby chairs made from classic rattan, old round tea tables, even an antique traditional Indonesian Wayang Kulit (Puppet Play) stall was part of the decorations.

The only modern thing seen around here was the fabrics which were cleverly used for enhancing the interior. If you do stay here, the staff will gladly take you on a tour of the place as every piece used here has a story to it.

Trust me, it was well worth it as it took me about an hour to walk around the main area absorbing the unique information.

Something so very contrasting while staying here, Hotel Tugu Bali’s architecture and interior design reflect the art, culture and history of the archipelago of Indonesia, Bali in particular.

Antiques at Hotel Tugu
Indonesian antique gamelan and gong

View at Hotel Tugu
Tables with stunning sea views

For the lobby lounge, there were a few tables set towards the garden area with a splendid view of the sea. Lush greenery dominated the majority of the dining areas here while a very cool wooden bar dotted with all sorts of antiques and carvings immediately stole my attention.

Overall, the main lobby area has a platform stage where the giant Garuda sits and is used for many local and international functions.

The natural surroundings provide a very exclusive atmosphere while international high-end fashion shows and launches have been conducted here apart from the private wedding and parties.

 Bar at Hotel Tugu Bali
Tugu Hotel Bar

Garden at Hotel Tugu Bali
Beautiful landscaping

Hotel Tugu Facilities

Finally after about an hour later, I am led to my suite which passes through beautifully manicured gardens. When I stress the word beautiful, I really mean it as it looks like a mini botanical garden with all kinds of tropical plants and flowers which are so well taken care off.

Stone statues and Balinese garden lamps are scattered throughout while sectioned stone walls give privacy to some of the suite lower-level units.

There are also two main luxury villas here which are the Walter Spies Villa Pavilion and Puri Le Mayeur. Three types of suites are available which are the Kampoeng Suites, Dedari Suites and Rejang Suites.

As for traditional holistic treatments, there is are not one, not two but three traditional spas scattered in different areas of the hotel grounds.

You will see a traditional Javanese Djamoe (Jamu) hut that awaits eager students for the Jamu Making Class at the Waroeng Djamoe located in the main garden.

This was something that no other resorts or hotels offer which made this a very unique feature and activity.

Food at Hotel Tugu
Local Balinese rice dish at Tugu Hotel

The food and beverage provided by the hotel are absolutely outstanding as I was told that you can have your daily breakfast, lunch or dinner anywhere around the hotel grounds.

This includes having it by the beach, garden or even in your room. Just let the staff know the night before and they will set it up for you.

I personally tried them all and for me, my favourite spot was on the beach. Nothing beats having your breakfast overlooking the sea minus the crowd.

I would also have to thumbs up the selection of food here. The menu is simply very attractive with choices of western and also traditional Javanese-Indonesian food.

Local Indonesian cooks with decades of experience transform handed down recipes into modern-day fusion delicacies for the current day traveller and guest.

Among all the different local dishes I tried, I would have to say there was no favourite. They were all equally amazing and it was hard to choose just one. 

Swimming Pool at Hotel Tugu Canggu
Breakfast setting by the swimming pool

Restaurant Tugu Hotel Canggu
Waroeng Tugu - A traditional open-aired hawker-style restaurant

Pool at Canggu Tugu Hotel
Tugu Hotel Swimming Pool

Overall, the facilities at Hotel Tugu are a class above the rest. Some of the themed dining or function rooms are a sight to be seen as they look more like speciality galleries displaying more precious antiques.

Themed function rooms with names like Bale Sutra, Black Chamber, Bale Puputan and Waroeng Tugu juxtaposes the cultural differences with yesterday and tomorrow.

Walking into one of the themed rooms feels like you are entering a private museum but only to find that the priceless antiques which are all over the room actually complement your overall dining experience. 

Tugu Bale Sutra
Bale Sutra Function Room

Bale Sutra which is located along the way into the hotel looks more like a Chinese temple due to all the red walls, lighting and table cloth.

A very long custom dining table enough to seat 20 people takes centre stage while remnants of Chinese history are carefully placed on all four walls and on the floor.

Looking up, I noticed the beams of a 100-year-old temple structure which was meticulously transported from Java Island and now it stands inside this room as part of the theme. For the foreigner, this would be the ultimate dining experience.

Rooms at Tugu Hotel Bali Indonesia

Rooms at Tugu Hotel Canggu
Rejang Suite with plunge pool

Tugu Hotel Canggu Bedroom
Dedari Suite sunken bath tub at Hotel Tugu

I was fortunate enough to change suites during my stay here and personally experienced the different styles offered. My personal favourite was the Rejang Suite where a personal plunge pool was located in the outdoor area here.

The uniqueness of all the 20 luxury suites here is that no two are alike. Each suite is decorated differently and they all have bits and pieces of antiques in them. Cabinets that hold the flat screen LCD TVs are actual antiques.

Even the cabinet that stores the mini refrigerator is an antique. Bathrooms here make you feel like you have your own little spa in the suite. Everything here is spacious and very well thought of.

Canggu Beach Hotel Tugu
Canggu Beach, Bali

Finally, I spent some time on the beach at Canggu exploring the fishing villages by walking up and down. Canggu Beach is also well known for surfing as many mid-level surfers make their way here to catch the big waves.

Further up north about half a kilometre is the famous Echo Beach Bali where surfers hang out. I took a walk along the village roads and ended up here. From here, I slowly walked along the beach back to the hotel and headed the other way where I ended at a local fishermen village.

A family was seen sorting out the daily catch and even posed for a photograph. The locals are really friendly and offered to sell me a fish for my dinner which I politely declined. 

Apart from what was mentioned in this article, Hotel Tugu also provides special packages and activities. Some of them include a custom Honeymoon Package, Yoga Sessions, Golf by the Sea, Cycling, Surfing and cultural heritage visits to temples and famous landmarks. 

Hotel Tugu Bali Contact Information:
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach, Bali-Indonesia
Telephone: +62 361 4731 701 • +62 8786 1838 680 • +62 8123 691 6091
Fax. +62 361 4731 708
Reservations & General enquiries: bali@tuguhotels.com
Sales & Marketing enquiries: sales@tuguhotels.com
Click here to book Tugu Hotel Bali.

Tugu Hotel Representatives Worldwide

1. USA - Sanctuare
456 Glenbrook Road Stamford, CT 06906
Telephone: (800) 225-4255 or (888) ART TUGU
Fax.(203) 602 2265

2. Europe - Essence by M&G s.a.s.
c. so Lodi n 2 - 20135 - Milano - Italy
Ph/Fax. (39) 025 8311607 • Cell. (39) 338 8975245

3. Japan- The Vacance / The Vacance Corporation
International Place 5F
26-3 Sanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0008 Japan
Telephone:  81-3-5363-2566, Fax: 81-3-5363-2616

Map to Tugu Hotel in Canggu
Map to Tugu Hotel in Bali (Click to enlarge)


I would like to extend my personal thanks to Stephanie and the owners of Tugu Hotel Bali for hosting my stay here.

It was an amazing experience for me as I never expected the place to be what it was. It took hotels and resorts to a whole new level where the term 'Boutique Museum' Hotel comes in.

Having to visit Bali for the first time in my life, this was totally an eye-opener for me. I will recommend this place to anyone seeking something different and even if you have been to Bali before, this place is something you may want to consider.

Furthermore, as the hotel is located by the beach and in a quiet little fishing village, you get to experience the best of local Indonesian cultures and lifestyle without being intrusive.

The beach is public but only locals are seen here therefore making this one of the more quiet beaches.

Apparently, the sunsets are pretty amazing and romantic but I never did catch one as I was busy catching them at other places. Here is a beautiful Sunset at Uluwatu, Bali Picture I managed to get.

If you are looking for a romantic, interesting, adventurous and unforgettable experience, you should consider staying at Hotel Tugu Bali, Indonesia.


Unknown said...

Wow amazing and incredible hotel to stay plus with the beautiful beach I may consider to go next year then...:-) I really impressed.

Henry Williams said...

those are some great photos that rice dish looks amazing

Malaysia Asia said...

Tina - It is one of the nicer places and very peaceful. If you do not like the crowds and want something different, this is it.

Henry - Thanks very much and I need to get that rice dish name. Amazing was the word as I finished it with no problems.

aviewtoathrill said...

Thank you for such an excellent review of this treasure. I would have felt as if I'd died and gone to heaven. I love the fact that so many antiques are figured prominently in the hotel's overall scheme and the owner's foresight in purchasing that wooden statue. Glorious!

inka said...

I am in awe. This is my kind of hotel, combining my two favorites: boutique hotels and museums. Why am I not on my way to Bali?????

ridhwan ruslan said...

I totally agree with you. how beautiful that places

Diane said...

Gosh, this hotel is marvelous I'm seriously considering staying there on my next trip! Thanks!

Malaysia Asia said...

aviewtoathrill - Thank you very much. I personally found this one of the more unique places to stay. Considering that you are seeking the un-normal. Bottom line - Worth the price.

Inka - Start booking that trip to Bali!

Ridhwan - Thank you. Hope you have a chance to visit Tugu one day.

Diane - I hope you do. Anyway, they have 2 more Tugu outlets, one in Lombok and one in Malang.

robin said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Jeremy Branham said...

If nothing else, the decorations and decor in this place really stand out! Not sure if I like them all but the place is beautiful!

Malaysia Asia said...

Robin - Thanks and this is just an overview.

Jeremy - Well, among all the choices, this is just one of them for those who want something totally different and away from everything.

Bali said...

I love your post very interesting helped me a lot before visiting Bali thanks friend.

Frederick said...

Great article! Bali is actually one of my wife's dream places to visit and thanks to this article, I now know why. Nice photos also...

Malaysia Asia said...

Frederick - Thanks and I appreciate your comments. I hope that you will visit Bali soon and also to some of the beautiful places here. Bali is one of the places on this earth that you must visit, the culture and charm here is simply amazing!

Gildo Kaldorana said...

Nice hotel.
But, when I stay in Bali, normally I sleep in "The Bali Dream Villa" hotel, marvelous place in Seminyak.