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Marina Bay Sands Singapore Casino Picture

Photo of Marina Bay Sands Casino Singapore

This Marina Bay Sands Casino Singapore is my photo of the week, as I have visited this beautiful resort multiple times during the opening year of the resort here in Singapore.

This time around, I was here doing a special food tour at some of the world's famous Michelin Starred restaurants at Marina Bay Sands. Seriously, if you are a food lover, this is the place to explore.

As for the casino gaming floor, I took a walk around finding that the ultra-modern design made the place look very stylish and yet appealing with the strong colors used.

The entire place is split into four levels while the general public is only allowed on the first two levels. The 3rd and 4th levels of the casino are only for VIP and VVIP patrons.

It is also known than many tourist and foreigners would travel all the way here just to try their luck at the tables, apart from staying at the unique Marina Bay Sands Singapore here.

Another reason would be to experience the most unique infinity swimming pool located at the Sands Skypark, which is located on the roof level of the Marina Bay Sands.

There is also the very special Louis Vuitton Island Maison, which is an LV store built on an island in the Marina Bay Sands. This is purely for those who are into luxury shopping when visiting Singapore.

Just next to the Island Maison is the architectural marvel called the ArtScience Museum, which holds some of the best exhibitions in Southeast Asia.


For those visiting this place, please note that you are not allowed to take any pictures inside the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Casino. If you do, a security person will immediately appear and inform you about not to take photos here. 


Henry Lee said...

i never been to this one, only visited the one at sentosa :)

Rajasthan Tours Operator said...

i like the view of this pic so good

Malaysia Asia said...

Munkey and R.T.O, thanks very much. Munkey, you should check out this place, quite well designed.

Unknown said...

Well captured bro...

Amanda Silver said...

this top view makes it even more attractive

Malaysia Asia said...

Miss Tina and Amanda - Thank you very much :) Been a year since I last visited Marina Bay Sands, so it's time for a trip there.

Carla @ Sentosa Island said...

The Marina Bay Casino looks even more impressive in person, nice article enjoyed reading it.