Kopi Botol (Bottle Coffee) in Sabah Picture

Sabah Bottle Coffee
Kopi Botol (Bottle Coffee) in Sabah is my picture of the week. This very unique bottled coffee can be found in only two places around Kota Kinabalu town or simply known as KK.

One prominent place in town that sells this is at the Museum Kopitiam (Coffee Shop) in town and if or when you do the Heritage Walk in Kota Kinabalu, the tour will take you to this unique coffee shop in the area well known as Australia Place.

A bottle of coffee like this will cost you around RM1.50 (US$0.40). The other local coffee shop is located in the district of Inanam, which is about 15 minutes drive from KK City.

Why I featured this is simply due to my daily fix for local coffee, and after being introduced to this unique bottle coffee, I found it quite fascinating.

If you are traveling to Kota Kinabalu and are a coffee lover, this is surely one of the unique local things to try here.

Apart from trying this unique coffee, there is quite a lot to see around KK town. You can also read my other article about the 5 Things to do in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Where to find Kopi Botol in Sabah? 

One of the easiest places to find the bottle coffee is at a few places around Kota Kinabalu. One if located in the city center, while the other three are just outside of Kota Kinabalu city area.

Sin Hin Coffee Shop
Lot 7, Penampang, Pekan Donggongon, 89500 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 016-848 1723
Hours: 6.00 AM to 5.30 PM

Seng Hing Coffee Shop
Block G, Lot 10, Sinsuran 2, Sinsuran Complex, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Hours: 7.00 AM to 4.00 PM

Kedai Kopi Jeong Hin
Block E, Lot 10, Jalan Tuaran, Inanam Newtownship, 88450 Inanam, Sabah
Tel: 016-801 7788
Hours: 7.00 AM to 4.30 PM

Bakut Canteen
KM28.7, Jalan Tuaran, Kampung Bakut, 89208 Tuaran, Sabah
Tel: 088-788 593
Hours: 6.30 AM to 3.00 PM

Please plan well ahead as most of the coffee shops will close by 3.00 to 4.00 PM. I recommend going to try these during late mornings as it is less busy at some of the coffee shops.

For transport, you can also take Grab in Kota Kinabalu to move around. If you are renting a car to self drive, just use Waze or Google Maps to find the location of the coffee shops.

Overall, if you are a coffee lover and have or have not been to KK, you should make it a point to try this unique Kopi Botol in Sabah.

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