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Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 KLIA2 will be the much talked about budget terminal LCCT in Kuala Lumpur for 2012. This modern airport is also set to open by October 2012 1st May 2013.

According to the owners, Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB), the total cost to build this new LCCT is estimated at RM2.8 Billion RM4 Billion which is currently 52% completed.

Located just two kilometers from the main KLIA Terminal, this will be the largest Low Cost Carrier Terminal in the region of Southeast Asia with a total area of 242,000 square meters.

There will be a total of 68 aircraft parking bay while the new budget terminal will cater to around 30 million passengers. There will also be a third runaway which is located 1.5 km from the second runaway.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

KLIA2 Shoplot Update: 225 Commercial Lots open to bidding. The first tender is set for the first week of December 2011 and the second tender is set from 15th Feb 2012. From the 225 lots at KLIA2, 50% will be for Retail, 40% Food and Beverage and 10% for Services.

The final list of tenants will be confirmed bu July 2012 and the projected opening date for the complex is set at October 2012. Those interested should contact MAB for the tender of shoplots at KLIA2.

Photo of KLIA2
KLIA2 in Sepang - Modern design

KLIA 2 will feature a multi-modal transportation hub for buses, taxis, and Express Rail Link (ERL) train to provide connectivity for passengers and also for the public. There is also talk of a possible KTM Train link nearby making it easy to get here.

Other facilities here include a semi-automated baggage handling system, support zones, cargo and in flight complexes, a 6,000-vehicle parking complex, two to three hotels and AirAsia's future headquarters.

Among the main hotels that will be built here is the Tune Hotel which will serve as one of the main budget hotels here. Another possibility is that Pan Pacific will also open a hotel here.

Bridge at KLIA2
KLIA2 Pedestrian SkyBridge across the terminals

One of the highlights here is the much talked about 300 meter long pedestrian skybridge in an airport. The skybridge will connect the international pier and the domestic pier.

This modern skybridge will be the longest in Asia and third longest in the world where passengers will have the experience of 'walking over' the aircraft compared to KLIA where travelers take the aerotrain on ground level.

Lapangan Terbang Internasional Kuala Lumpur 2

On the other hand, there has been much talk about the new airport's Aero-bridges where owner MAHB’s decision to scrap the aero-bridges has come under fire by many sectors.

There are claims that with the recent airport tax raising, international travelers from KLIA have to pay RM65 (US$22) from RM51 (US$17) and RM32 (US$11) from RM25 (US$8) at the current LCCT. Passengers have the right to expect better facilities if airport tax is raised according to one of the Members of Parliament.

Now the cabinet has deferred its decision on the installation of aerobridges at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 low-cost carrier terminal pending further studies on the matter, said Malaysian Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha. According to sources, the cost of 80 aerobridges is around RM104 million (US$34.5 million).

Artist Impression KLIA2Inside the terminal building

In the entire development, a shopping mall with 35,000 square meters of commercial space will also be built adjacent to the terminal building.

 While this is still unofficial, it will be the biggest airport shopping mall in the world with 70,000 square meters of retail space which is even bigger than London's Heathrow Airport, Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport and Singapore's Changi Airport. 

Among the proposed brands that will be here are Kiehl’s, fashion labels Gap, Banana Republic, H&M and fashion jewelry brand Pandorato name a few.

Popular fast food names like McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks and local coffee chain Old Town are rumored to be some of the returning eateries. In total, there will be about 225 outlets within the terminal and more which are unconfirmed at the moment.

Shopping mall and shops at KLIA2

Other notable companies that would most likely be in the terminal are Tourism bodies such as Tourism Malaysia and Tourism Selangor, big electrical and IT names, sporting goods and apparels, bookstores, pharmacies and multiple duty free shops.

Map of KLIA2

According to one of the contractors, the construction of the Integrated Complex is expected to be completed by 30th June 2012 so this is at the end of Q2 which is in line with the October opening date for the overall project.

It is announced that the project will now be fully open in April 2013. Along with all the other projects, it will make the KLIA 2 Integrated Complex, a RM486 million (US$161 million) privatized development in which MAHB holds a 30% stake. 

View from the sky - artist impression

EXPRESS Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERLSB) also plans to lay 2km of railway tracks from the KL International Airport (KLIA) to the new low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT2) in Sepang to extend its rail services.

ERL  has 12 electric high-speed train sets for the KLIA Express, which runs from KL Sentral to KLIA in 28 minutes, and KLIA Transit, which stops at Bandar Tasek Selatan, Putrajaya and Salak Tinggi before heading to the airport in 35 minutes.

Land before building KLIA2
Actual construction taken from the air

According to the MB of MAHB, there is a land is a portion of the 6,750 acre land bank that is set aside for development adjacent to KLIA. Dubbed the KLIA Aeropolis, it is categorized under the wholesale and retail initiative under the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA).

The KLIA area will be transformed as a catalyst for tourism, leisure and employment, thereby diversifying the airport city.

Completion of the 50 acre development is scheduled for 2013 and there will be other phases in the development of KLIA Aeropolis which would include a commercial business district.

This will house office parks, retail/commercial centres, an auto mall, exposition/convention center, medical center, training center complex and service apartments. There are also plans to build golf courses, a boutique hotel and a theme park as well as agro-tourism tracts of land.

KLIA 2 Photography
Artist impression of KLIA2 in Sepang

*Pictures above are sourced from The Moodie Report, Skyscraper City and also The Star Newspaper. 

KLIA2 Video

Those companies interested in renting a shop lot in KLIA2 will have to go through the bidding process for the 225 commercial lots here. You need to contact MAB Commercial Services for this process.

At the moment, there are 400 potential retailers who are bidding for the 225 Shops in KLIA 2 which is going to be the biggest and modern budget airline terminal in the country.

For the record, this massive terminal project will be called KLIA2 and not LCCT2 which will be bigger than the existing KLIA that caters to 25 million passengers per year while the new KLIA2 will cater for 30 million passengers which is up-gradable to 45 million. It is also a terminal and not an airport as many think.

The overall project will create about 4000 jobs for locals while it will serve as one of the shopping areas for the Sepang district while opening many opportunities for other developments around the area. Until the completion of this project in October 2012 1st May 2013, many are looking forward to the new KLIA2.


CathJ said...

wowwww.... this is cool... can't wait.. ^_^

Malaysia Asia said...

Cath - Yes, me too. At the moment, the current LCCT is simply too crowded in the mornings especially.

adzi said...

...waww it's verry good...

Yee Ling said...

Wohoo...just cant wait for this especially to the skybridge. simply awesome!

Unknown said...

Hope the project will run smoothly without any delay...

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Adzi.

Yee Ling - Yes, I hear nice things about the KLIA2 Skybridge. It's gonna be neat!

Miss Tina - I think KLIA2 will most likely be ready by year end if there are no other delays.

hush said...

"a shopping mall with 35,000 square meters of commercial space will also be built ...While this is still unofficial, it will be the biggest airport shopping mall in the world with 70,000 square meters of retail space."

the figures for square meters not consistent here..

Malaysia Asia said...

Hush - The shopping mall area is 35k sq m, while the overall retail space is 70k sq m. Hope this clarifies.

Anonymous said...

the design of the building plan ruin the actual plan. the first design looks a bit like 'z' but now its looks no more z. a big box below z. dont looks that pretty much from above

Anonymous said...

if you can see in the middle of 'z' design. the satellite building is only one. n beside it have empty area which maybe reserved space for second satellite building. but then... its just empty space. a bit waste of area there.

Stan said...

It has been a long time coming especially when the contractors who won the tender were completely unreliable and one wonder how they were awarded the tenders in the first place. KLIA2 must be maintained efficiently and not allowed to be rundown like LCCT. Commuters will be delighted when KLIA2 is up and running.