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Hanoi Old Quarter in Pictures

Photos of Hanoi Old Quarter
Hanoi Old Quarter in Pictures is one way of showing how much I enjoyed exploring this beautiful place during my visit here in 2010. Spending over nine days in Halong Bay and here, I was totally fascinated with how life was here.

As it was my first ever trip to Vietnam, I had heard about terrible traffic and communication issues but little did I know that it astounded me more than it frustrated me. Anyway, if given the chance to re-visit Hanoi, I would do it without thinking as there is so much more I would like to explore there as five days here was not enough.

Hanoi Old Quarter Photos

Here are pictures I took from around the Old Quarter in Hanoi and if you have any comments, I would love to hear from you.

Hanoi Back Lane
Life along a back lane

Hanoi Saint Joseph Cathedral
Saint Joseph Cathedral, a famous landmark

Hanoi Street Barber
Getting a shave in a back lane

Street Photography Hanoi
Typical daily street life in the Old Quarter of Hanoi

 Photography in Hanoi
Part 1: Local gets a haircut

 Lifestyle in Hanoi
Part 2: Reflections of a haircut

City View Building Hanoi
Hanoi's City View Building at the Old Quarter

Street Vendor in Hanoi
Local fruit seller

Street photos of Hanoi
Motorbikes dominating the streets

Photos of Hanoi
Basket seller's bicycle in Old Quarter
  Hanoi Life
Full load of balloons 

Hanoi Motorbikes
Couple of ladies on a bike in Hanoi

Bikes in Hanoi
Bikes everywhere

Woman trader Hanoi
 Local mobile hawker with her goodies
 Hanoi street barbers
Strangely there were many back alley barbers in Hanoi

Hanoi Lady Hawker
A lady hawker walking around the streets

Old Man in Hanoi
 This is the life

Please note that all these photos of Hanoi were taken with my Nikon D60 in 2011, in the early days of digital photography. I am not a professional, but simply enjoy taking travel photos whenever I explore a new place.

I also have another series of photographs of Hanoi Old Quarter at Night taken while I explore the city at night. Sometimes the night provides different views of the city compared with the day.

You can also read my other related articles about Hanoi, Vietnam. For those traveling here, you may want to spend some time exploring the areas here. There is much to see and do especially if you are a photographer.

Do check out some of the back lanes and the best way to do this is by foot. Vietnamese people are very friendly but please always ask permission before you point a camera at them. Some of the best places to visit are actually in the main town area and here is where you will get good shots of Hanoi Old Quarter in Pictures.


Jarmo @ Arctic Nomad said...

Very nice photos. There are definitely lots of good photo opportunities in the old quarters of Hanoi. I just left from there two days ago, still haven't checked my photos. Hopefully I have some as nice ones as you. Cheers

Malaysia Asia said...

Hiya Jarmo, thank and I am pretty sure that you would have captured many beautiful pictures of Hanoi's Old Quarter. Do share once you have sorted them out.

Ken @ pesonabutiza.com said...

Never been there yet :)

I love the photo where you get to see the barbers on the side road :) Life is so beautiful that you can see different classes of people :)

Lilian said...

I loved Hanoi too....especially walking around the huge lake...great place to relax!

Malaysia Asia said...

Ken - If you like old world lifestyle, Hanoi's Old Quarter is one of the places to check out. You should plan a trip there soon.

Lilian - It's an amazing place, Hanoi. I would like to go back again one day.

inka said...

They seem to enjoy their barbers, don't they? Amazing real life pictures, you have a great eye for catching the spirit of a place.

Christy @ Technosyncratic said...

Lots of grooming on the street and motorbikes! :P

adventureswithben said...

I've always wanted to get a haircut and shave on the street.

Malaysia Asia said...

Inka - Thank you. I usually spend time walking the streets whenever I travel.

Christy - thousands of bikes everywhere! Wait, I have not put pics of the street manicures!

Ben - That's something I wanted to do but every barber seemed to be full.

Ayngelina said...

Hanoi was one of my favourite cities but you captured it much better than I did in photos.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Ayngelina. Maybe I should just put more pics in future :)

Jen said...

love those street barbers!! beautiful shots!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you very much Jen. Too bad, there's no lady barbers on the street :)