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Echo Beach in Bali Surfing Pictures and Video

Surfing Echo Beach Bali
Echo Beach in Bali Surfing Pictures and Video from my last trip there in June 2011. Echo Beach is located in the Canggu area just out from Kuta. It is also one of the secluded beaches where only locals and surfers come to enjoy.

As I was staying just by the sea, every morning and afternoon, I would see all sorts of surfers here waiting to catch 'the one' which is that big wave everyone waits for.

As I sat on the beach enjoying my iced Balinese coffee and 300mm lens in hand, I snapped away as these guys and girls rode the waves here.

Echo Beach Surfing
Echo Beach Surfing Photos

While most of the surfers here are expats working in Bali, there were a few travelers who were seen carrying their surfboards walking on the beach. According to a local surfer, this place is pretty quiet and a great place to practice surfing.

The waves here hit about 2-3 meters high and are quite frequent at certain sections of Canggu Beach.This place however, is not the top surfing place in Bali, Indonesia.

Echo Beach Surfing in Bali Video

 Surfers at Echo Beach
Beautiful waves at Echo Beach

Most surfers would head to the main beach here where there are two rows of shops, restaurants and the well known Echo Beach House, a seafood restaurant facing the sea.

Among the many other surf shops and surf schools here, you are sure to find friendly surfers from around the world here.

Photo at Echo Beach
A surfer goes for a long run

Canggu Surfing Photo
Surfing in Bali Echo Beach

For the average surfer, this place is a wonderland where you can go out and do your thing. The surf spots are stretched along two kilometers of this beautiful beach. You will also see local Indonesian families and kids playing along the beach while people taking their pet dogs for walks on the beach.

This is not your average beach where you come to swim and enjoy, it is more for the local and surfers. The sand is so much more beautiful than the main Kuta Beach from my observation.

Update Dec 2017 - Since my last visit here in 2011, Canggu and Echo Beach have become the top place to be seen at in Bali. Hordes of visitors are seen all over here while this place has developed to become a popular tourist spot.

I spent a good three days along this beach as I was staying at the Hotel Tugu Bali which is just around the corner where I got my fix of photographing Surfers at Echo Beach in Bali.


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