Terengganu Road Sign Picture

This unique Malaysian road sign was taken on one of my driving trips along the coastal road of Terengganu state in East Malaysia. The sign that reads in Bahasa Malaysia 'Awas - Haiwan Melintas' translates as Caution - Animals Crossing. The shape of the signage which was about 4 feet high clearly translates as watch for cows. But a foreigner driving could easily mistake this for a sign that says 'Beef for Sale'? 

To take this photograph, I literally stopped my car, got down and took the picture. As I drove deeper into the villages, I kept seeing signs like this placed at odd places. But the strange thing was that I never saw a Chicken looking sign throughout my journey. Well, if you are foreign and driving through the East Coast Highway or the Terengganu Coastal Roads, please do look out for signs like these and if you do not understand the language, just look at the shape.