Malaysia Travel Bloggers List

Travel Blogger List for Malaysia

This Malaysia Travel Bloggers list is a compilation of travel blogs from around Malaysia in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Compiled originally in 2011, I have edited this list in June 2018 to update the new travel bloggers who have got into the game. Again, those listed here are not influencers, but travel bloggers.

In this list of travel bloggers in Malaysia, you will find a wide selection of bloggers who mostly write about travel, food, lifestyle, and photography, and are based in Malaysia or based overseas but come back home from time to time.

Travel Bloggers in Malaysia

What makes these Malaysian travel bloggers special is the passion for sharing their experiences with everyone via their travel blog. Some may write well, while some may not, but each and everyone has their own following.

If you are a travel blogger from Malaysia, and not listed here, please do leave a comment and I will review your site to be included in this list. The list is in no particular order too, so please don't ask me why he or she is last or first. 

Pojiegraphy (Pojie)

One of the up and coming bloggers in Malaysia who writes in Malay and English, Pojie as he is known, has emerged as the new social media lifestyle and influence type of travel blogger for Pojiegraphy.

There are not many of his kind, but by the time I finish writing this, there would be quite a few. Pojie has worked really hard to get to where he is now and is no stranger to the influencer world.

CC Food Travel
U Mei from CC Food Travel
Cumi dan Ciki (Now known as CC Food Travel)

CC Food Travel is another food, travel and adventure blog that is written in 99% English – a mix of US English and British English. Why? She blames it on the idiot box and both their mixed formal education!

The remainder 1% has names of dishes and places in its original form or in its common usage. Ciki or Mei as she is known is born and raised in Malaysia, then left for her studies in the UK and ended up working in London for several years. 

Cumi aka Jo is also born in Malaysia, studied and worked in Australia as well as the USA for many years. It was during this time that they both traveled extensively in our different geographical locations.

Always Travelicious (Kuan Ju or KJ)

Originating from Taiwan KJ has made Malaysia and sometimes Indonesia her home. She writes in Chinese and English at AlwaysTravelicious and does a few styles of travel blogging. From reviews, travel itineraries, recommendations and event very unique experiences.

I take my hat off to her as her character does not seem to match her adventure drive. She is a very low profile and quiet, but a daring person when it comes to exploring the unknown.

She is probably the only person I know in Malaysia who actually went to Toraja to witness the 'Waling Dead Ceremony' called Ma'Nene. KJ often travels with her husband too.

Mei Mei Chu

Starting as a backpacking solo woman traveler, Mei Mei Chu or Mei as she is called has traveled the world over. She claims that it is difficult to do this as a full-time job, but somehow manages to explore the world and also Malaysia.

Her blog MeiMeiChu tends to share her travel journey while writing about her experiences and she has indulged in many different types of experiences. She has participated in various volunteering, community work and done a lot of backpacking, and recently scuba diving.

Her writing style is one of the most honest I have seen in a long time. She says what she wants and is straight forward, which is hard to find nowadays.

Kampung Boy City Girl

A traveling couple that has been blogging since December 2005, and considered one of the pioneers who are still active today.

They were originally one of the food bloggers in Malaysia, but over time, it became oversaturated and eventually moved into food and travel.

Currently, the couple writes at Kampung Boy City Girl, and they focus a lot on food reviews, Japan and Australia travel with itinerary style articles and of course, food reviews when they travel.

Their style still remains the old way of more photos and less text, which I guess some readers or clients like.

Tiny Wanderer (Ying Tey)

Leaving her PR job in 2008, Ying Tey is a petite wanderlust who wears many hats. Ying Tey Reinhardt or Piccola Ying as her nickname is married and lives in Germany now.

She has amazingly wandered across the globe in all styles of travel and calls herself a Malaysian Wanderlustress, who writes for The Tiny Wanderer.

Her style is true of the old school travel bloggers who write well in explaining her story, which is a very rare breed.

She Walks The World
Mynn Lee from She Walks The World
She Walks The World (Mynn Lee)

Mynn has been writing for about three and a half years now and is a full-time film producer, radio and TV host, and the occasional actress.

That is a lot for a full-time job, but somehow, Mynn has managed to travel to 32 different countries to date.

Her style of writing on She Walks The World is a very first-person view and informative, with well-balanced photos to support the article.

Her photography is also well balanced, showing the destination, instead of the writer, and I like that. The bold words tend to be distracting, and I wonder who taught her to do that.

The Island Drum (Vanessa Workman)

This has to be included in the list as Vanessa, an American from the medical field has been living here in Langkawi Island, Malaysia for many years now. She writes at The Island Drum, and focuses mainly on Langkawi, from an expat's point of view.

The travel blog was started in 2011 and has had good coverage on Langkawi, Thailand and many other countries in the region.

Vanessa also writes for Travel Fish and other publications, but her love for Langkawi remains very strong. Her writing style is very professional and on international levels.

Emily2U (Emily Lowe)

Emily has been blogging since 2007 and considered one of the more quiet travel bloggers who is based in Ipoh, Perak.

She travels frequently into Kuala Lumpur and other places for her adventures and also travel events. Emily also freelances as a travel writer for the Malay Mail. Emily now writes freelance for various publications.

Her blog is called From Emily2U, which is a straightforward message, what she writes and shares with you. She is a very old school, even her template shows it, and her style mixes information with a lot of photos.

Though I know her, I must advise her to change her travel blog template. But, she says she is happy the way things are. If you want any information on Ipoh, she is the person to ask.

Mr. Jocko (Rosmadi Bin Shakri)

One of the Malay language travel bloggers is Mr. Jocko or Rosmadi, who is probably the fastest growing blogger in the last few years.

Rosmadi comes from Kelantan and was attached to Malaysia's Bank Negara for 12 years before embarking on his own business and travel blogging.

To be honest, Mr. Jocko is very aggressive in terms of branding and awareness, promoting heavily on social media.

He writes about anything related to travel and not while participating in any FAM trip. He has traveled to quite a number of places but still needs to fine-tune his brand and strategy.

ThatSoFarah (Farah Nadiah)

A lawyer by nature, Farah is one of those quiet travel bloggers who write well but is not caught up with the influencer game.

Her travel blog is called ThatsoFarah and has traveled extensively around Southeast Asia, and to many countries around the world.

Her style of writing is excellent, as the first-person point of view, and she goes into details of her experiences.

She also adds photos to support her stories, which provides a good reading experience. Once in a way, she may indulge in a review or two.

Lily Riani Travelholic

Here is another seasoned travel blogger by the name of Lily Riani, who writes at Lili Riani Travelholic who is another low profile travel blogger in Malaysia.

Lily is not your aggressive blogger and writes what she likes when she likes, and her day job as a corporate manager takes up most of her time.

Lily is one of the pioneer travel bloggers who started in 2009, you know, those who have short sentences after each photo with colored text? Yes, those.

But she has come a long way, having traveled to many places in the early days. She now writes on a factual experience sharing her travels, and still does a lot of FAM trips when she can.

Faizal Fredley (Solo Traveller)

A native of Kuala Lumpur, Faizal is a trained telecommunication engineer who left his job for his postgraduate in internet security.

Faizal blogs at Faizal Fredley - Solo Traveler, which started in 2010, and writes only in Malay.

His journey in the last seven years has taken him to many countries in Europe on self-funded trips, and also around the world.

Cin City (Tey Cindy)

A former lifestyle, fashion and food blogger, Cindy Tey is one of those who ventured into travel as a whole blogging package.

Cindy started blogging in 2005, during the early days of the blogosphere, when many students caught on to this bug.

Her current style of blogging reflects more on a lot of oversize photos compiled with text, which can be quite a scroll.

In a nutshell, this is a general lifestyle format with a mixed genre on her blog called Cin City.

Food Blogger V Keong
V Keong
V Keong 

A pioneer Malaysian food and travel blogger, VKeong. has been around since the early days of blogging in Malaysia.

His reason for blogging is: "There are two reasons why I started this blog: a passion for good food and photography."

Currently, he does amazing food guides, and also travel and food articles. V Keong has seen it all, been there and done that when it comes to reviews.

He juggles between his day job as a programmer and still manages to find time for his blogging.

Runaway Bella (Bella Enveeus)

Recently married in January 2018, Runaway Bella is Bella Enveeus, a Malaysian who started blogging as a solo traveler in August 2014.

Her motto is simple, to run away from routine and by doing that, Bella rediscovers herself.

Now as a couple traveler, they put a focus on Instagram and continue to explore Malaysia and also the world.

Bella writes in English, which is rare for a Malay travel blogger. Her style is fun and easy-going, while she does reviews as well.

Sunshine Kelly (Kelly Chin)

Well, Kelly has been around for a long time and is considered one of the pioneer fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers in Malaysia.

She writes at Sunshine Kelly, where her focus is mainly on beauty and lifestyle, but she does have some interesting travel writings too.

Kelly started much earlier on Blogspot (, and in January 2013, she converted her Blogspot into a dot com.

She now focuses a lot on Instagram, while she is still active in the blogging scene. Kelly's style of writing is a very old school blogger style, with straightforward information with lots of photos and reviews.

Wilson of Places and Foods
Places and Foods

Wilson Ng who blogs for Places and Foods is a former food blogger, who eventually shifted to food and travel seeing no competition back then. He is married to Rachel and runs his own business in Kuala Lumpur.

Somehow, he manages to find time to travel on FAM trips around Asia and has a special interest in Queensland Australia due to good contacts. His style is straight forward writing mixed with photos due to camera sponsorship. 

My Travelicious (Abang Fadli)

Self-branding as the top blogger in Malaysia, Fadli hails from Sarawak and works as a marine engineer.

He spends half a year working, and the other half exploring for his blog. He writes in both Malay and English, which does not appeal to the international market, and more the local scene.

All of his travels are self-funded as he dreams to explore iconic destinations around the world and share them on his social media. Fadli has been blogging since November 2010 at MyTravelicious.

Kahi Kaki Jalans
Khai and Amira from Kaki Jalans
Kaki Jalans

This is a Malaysian travel blog run by husband Khai and wife Amira, who have been actively exploring Malaysia and the world since 2011.

The journey for travel blogging started after Khai went on a backpacking trip to Thailand, where he decided to document his adventures and experience and in a personal diary style.

After Khai got married to Amira in 2015, they both started traveling and writing about their experiences all over Asia and even Europe.

The Kaki Jalans travel blog has also won numerous accolades since then and continue to provide travel tips and information to their followers. Check out Kaki Jalans blog.

Former Travel Bloggers in Malaysia

Trail of Asia (No longer travel blogging)

TrailofAsia was an independent travel blog documented by the founder and other travelers who travel all over Asia for different reasons.

The founder constantly looks out for passionate bloggers and photographers to share their travel tips and experiences to the world through guest blogging. Founded by Elaine Chung, a seasoned traveler from Malaysia who has lived in the South-East-Asian region most of her life.

She has traveled to big cities like New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney and still counting. The experiences and inspiration she gained through traveling were remarkable therefore sharing it on the website.

Since 2015, Elaine has stopped travel blogging and sold her travel blog.

Dan Arif - From Malaysia To The World (No longer travel blogging)

Danial Arif is one of the early day travel bloggers who traveled quite extensively around the world. His last published work was in September 2014 after he got married, and now focuses a little on social media via his Instagram and Facebook.

Dan used to write on which started in April 2011, and had a three-year blogging spree and loves photography. Originating from Kedah, Dan works for the interior design industry and is based in Kuala Lumpur.

Travel Living Bliss (Partly active)

Shelyn travels every year but it doesn’t really satisfy her. Here is what she says: "I want more than just a short holiday so that I can actually, spend a long time in a place and to simply blend into the local culture.

I have spent almost a year to hypnotize myself to quit my great job that paid well as an IT Auditor in Ernst & Young into believing that only travel can complete my life.

 My new life has just begun and I’m looking forward to seeing some achievements in my baby, my lovely Travel and Living Bliss website." To escape from the rat race is her goal, to travel freely is her dream, to attract loyal readers to her travel blog is her inspiration.

Update: Travel Living Bliss is now a beauty product platform.

My Trips (No longer blogging)

My Trips is a Travel and Food Blog that focuses on Malaysia and Asia. Run by Robo aka Jason Lee, he hails from the state of Johor and fell in love in traveling around after purchasing a GPS unit in 2003.

His blog is basically about a travel and food guide of Malaysia and Asia and also provides GPS coordinates for each of his articles. Jason has traveled to Bali, Taiwan, Singapore and extensively around Malaysia.

Update: Jason does not blag anymore. 

CJ Go Travel

Run by Catherine Jimai, CJgoTravel is a Travel and Food journal. Cath claims not to be a writer as she writes the way she likes and talks which make her blog unique.

As a Sabahan staying in Selangor, she is an avid family traveler who blogs about her experiences all over Southeast Asia.

Cath is also one of those travel bloggers who enjoys taking pictures and visiting local places around Malaysia.

Update: Catherine doe not blog anymore. Her last entry was in September 2018. 

Mylo Is My Life

Another travel blogger, Myloismylife is headed by Alex SH Loke. Traveling and photography are the most rewarding and enriching experiences in his life.

Photography is all about discovery, enjoying himself, having an adventure, learning people and nature.

The greatest experience for him is the connection he feels with nature. Alex's simple tag line is - If you haven’t seen Malaysia, you haven’t seen the world!

Update: Mylo does not blog anymore, his last entry was in 2013.

Motormouth from Ipoh

J2Kfm  is a guy in his late 20′s – Born and raised in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, he has a strong penchant for good food, an even stronger desire to travel, and naturally, rant and ramble incessantly on any topics under the sun.

Why Motormouth? Because he eats like one heck of a bulldozer. And he speaks his mind on most issues, sometimes getting himself in a knot for his rants.

J2Kfm has been a nick he has used since the Millennium Bug fiasco. Don't ask him why as there is no proper meaning.

Run by the main man Thristhan himself, he dedicated his articles towards everything travel, events, and food. started as a repository to key down all of his thoughts and encounters with his unique and challenging life. A year later it concentrated on Travel and Food.

Now with the addition of eating and exploring new horizons, this has become one of Malaysia’s fast-growing Travel and Food online hangouts. Most of his journeys take him around Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Update 2019 - Thristan no longer blogs.

Five Foot Flat

Five Foot Flat is a collection of travel articles, personal accounts, and tips written by Anis Ibrahim, a journalist, and photographer who has been traveling for the past 10 years.

The name comes from the writer’s preference for slow, unrushed, long-haul travel- the kind where she can sit back in a cafĂ© and watch the world go by while she writes.

Although the writer’s main passion is solo travel, she also writes about travel literature (not the guidebook variety), group travel, road trips and travel by rail. Five Foot Flat also focuses on Asia, Europe, and North America.


Fie is almost five feet and lives in a sunshiny place called Malaysia. Despite being vertically challenged Fie has decided to balance both works and play instead of just work (24/7).

She has since been bitten by the travel bug and would like to spread this friendly infection to everyone she encounters through Travel Chameleon. She has also traveled quite about around the world too.


"Why popia? I love popia or popiah, hence the name of this blog." Popia is a local name for a spring roll, or whatever is equivalent to it. But Lan Othman states that this blog has nothing to do with this popular Malaysian food.

As you can see from the home page title, about travel and technology. Though he may blog about any particular things that cross his mind at that particular moment.

Update 2019: does not blog anymore. 

Aviation, Travel and More

Azuan Zahdi blogs about the finer things in aviation and travel. Born and raised in Shah Alam, he considers himself a pure Shah Alam guy after spending 28 years of living in this city he calls home. 

Since he was a little boy, areas that interest him the most have always been aviation, food and traveling. 

These three areas form the core of his blog is his virtual corner where he shares with the whole world what he has in his mind. 

From the fun ‘un-planned’ backpacking adventures to his future plans in being part of the challenging corporate world, you’ll get a piece of him right here at his blog.

Travel and Living Journal of DT

Diana Teo writes about her travel experiences on Diane Teo-DT where she has traveled quite a bit around the world. 

Born in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, she shares travel experiences and adventures to satisfy the wanderlust around the globe.

Traveling around the world is always within her blood and bones. She also has a passion for cameras, music, and movies.

Previously, Diane studied at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. The moment she misses the most was her "Study Life" at TAR College, Kuala Lumpur.

Sketches of Life 

Mei Tzeu Lee is a blogger who loves to experience a different kind of cuisine, traveling and generally enjoying life.

She uses blogging as a platform where she could voice out her thoughts and making the world seen smaller on her travel blog Sketches Of Life.

Living in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MeiTzeu is a management trainee with an established tour company there.

Final Thoughts on the Malaysia Travel Bloggers List

There you have it, 16 Travel Bloggers from Malaysia who are passionate about their hobby. As for me, Malaysia Asia Travel Blog has been around for three years now and you can check the About MalaysiaAsia for more details.

For those of you who think you make it into this niche area, please do leave a comment or contact me if you would like to have your site indexed for the Malaysia Travel Bloggers List.

Malaysia Asia

Blogging since 2007, but writing online since 1997. I belong to the 1st generation of worldwide bloggers, which is of course old-school. Since 2008, I created Malaysia Asia and this travel, flood, gadget and lifestyle blog has won numerous physical awards from tourism boards around Malaysia. (Not those online awards). After 12 years of blogging, I have semi-retired and now blog about things I like, do product reviews and enjoy life. My work has been featured in Lonely Planet, CNN Travel, Yahoo Travel, Wall Street Journal, and many other international publications. Find out more about me and thank you.


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