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Malaysia Airlines MAS A380 Plane Video

Malaysia Airlines MAS A380 Plane Video 

This video was taken at the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France on a visit to see the first Malaysian A380 unit in its building process in June 2011.

Being there to actually see the sheer size of the plane was incredible. Inside the 500 meters long factory, a number of A380s were being assembled and the MAS plane was in a bay with the tail fin fitted on.

The shell body as you can see is green and yellow in color as it is unpainted. Parts are being assembled like an air-fix model as they lay around the plane in sections ready to be put in piece by piece.

After they finish piecing up everything here, the plane will be sent to Hamburg for the final fittings and interior design for the Malaysia Airlines A380 Plane.

Malaysia Airlines A380 video of the plane being built in the Airbus factory

A full video presentation was given to me and the rest of the business media about the A380 from one of the Airbus staff with a question and answer session.

For now, no one knows what design the interior of the Malaysia Airlines plane will be as it is still a closely guarded corporate secret.

As for the body design, tentatively it is set to be white with the new design blue and red lines as you can see on some of the new MAS planes. This is the first of the six planes that the airline has ordered and it is due for delivery around April or May in 2012.

The inaugural flight or first flight for the A380 will most likely be Kuala Lumpur-London. For the full article, you can read about the Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 Plane which has pictures and details. 

On a side note, there are many people still wondering what the Interior Design for the Malaysia Airlines A380 Plane and it is highly kept secret until it will be announced.

Overall, this is one of the most amazing planes ever designed and created for aviation history and many Malaysians are looking forward to flying in one of these marvels.

Being a short time away, we can expect Malaysia's first A380 to arrive in April or May 2012 if there are no delays. Before waiting for the arrival, you can watch the Malaysia Airlines MAS A380 plane video.

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eileen ludwig said…
Interesting to be able to go and see the plane being built
Sebab said…
I have never flew by the Malaysia Airlines but I have only heard good things about this airline. You have some amazing videos!.

Cruise Pictures
Cathy Sweeney said…
The A380 is so impressive. I saw one on the tarmac in Paris -- made all the other planes look like private jets. Fortunate for you to see one being built.
Henry Lee said…
the video looks impressive bro! :)

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey
UMG said…
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Lux Travel said…
It is certainly an impressive aircraft, I have flown on several of them now and each time the experience exceeds the previous. I can't wait to see what Malaysia offer onboard..
Jen said…
how fun to be able to see the process of it being built! i still haven't had a chance to see the 380 but look forward to riding one!
John in France said…
I do enjoy flying on the A380, but the layouts vary so much. I do hope that they don't overcrowd it like some airlines do!
What a cool experience!
I'm not that into planes, but I think it would be really cool to see something of this size being built.