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Legoland Malaysia Review

Malaysia Legoland

Legoland Malaysia was opened in October and set to open by early late 2012 in Johor Bahru at Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia Economic Region.

This will also be the first Legoland Theme Park in Asia and the sixth in the world after Denmark, Britain, California, Florida, and Germany. The massive 76-acre (31 hectares) project is brought together by IDR Resorts and UK-based Merlin Entertainment, costing a whopping RM750 million.

The good news for those across the border is that it will only be a 20-minute drive from the Tuas Second Link to Medini in Nusajaya, one of the five flagship zones of Iskandar Malaysia.

This will be the biggest family entertainment project in Johor which will attract tourists from locally, Indonesia and Singapore.

Legoland Malaysia Review

Legoland Malaysia (pic from The Sun Daily)

Legoland Malaysia scale model from ImreSolt.com

Arlida Ariff, John Ussher, and Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman looking
at a Malayan Tiger made from 2,500 pieces of Lego bricks - The Star

Among the attractions at Legoland Malaysia, a gigantic replica of the Petronas Twin Towers will be built using Lego bricks. It will be the tallest Lego structure in the world.

Replicas of famous landmarks worldwide such as India's Taj Mahal, Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium, Cambodia's Angkor Wat and Singapore's Merlion statue will also be featured, all made from Lego bricks.

All the main structures will be located at Legoland's Miniland. The theme park also has famous buildings in Johor Baru, such as the Royal Museum, Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, and the Dataran Bandaraya clock tower. 

Perdana Putra, the prime minister's office, made from Lego 

Local shops at night in Johor are made from Lego bricks.

The Lego structures and many attractions, such as roller coaster rides, will be situated outdoors, while the food and beverage (F&B) outlets will be housed in air-conditioned buildings at the park.

A unique 4D theatre and kids driving school where children can obtain their first driving license, recognized by Legoland worldwide, are among the highlights.

Apart from the main park, there will be a Legoland Hotel and a Lifestyle Mall in the vicinity of the park.

Replica of shop lots at Jalan Wong Ah Fook in Johor made from Lego.

50 interactive rides will be available, while a fantastic amount of 30 million Lego Bricks are used throughout the park for building structures.

The current completion date for the park has been set for early 2012, so stay tuned for news announcements. For further details on tickets and information, please read the end of this article.

Legoland town from one of the other parks

Legoland California

Further news updates include an MRT Station, which is planned to open next to the theme park. No details are confirmed, but if it happens, it would surely be a wonder for those wanting an easy ride here.

And because of the tropical weather here in Malaysia, queuing areas will be covered as the developer has ordered thousands of trees to be planted within the park grounds.

Iskandar Malaysia Map (click to enlarge)

Legoland Malaysia Map

I foresee that many will capitalize on Travel and Tour Packages to Legoland Malaysia.

Tour companies will take the opportunity to include this package for Malaysians, Singaporeans, and Indonesians, making the Southern region a worthy visit for holidaymakers.

Imagine spending 4 to 5 days around here where you get a chance to visit Singapore's Universal Studios, Sentosa Island and Legoland Johor in one visit where everything is just a drive away.

Legoland Location: Nusajaya, Johor
Legoland Malaysia Ticket Prices: RM140 (US$44) per adult and RM110 (US$35) per child, with an RM30 rebate for MyKad holders.

Annual Passes:
Pre-Opening Annual Pass (12-month validity)
Adult RM195
Child (3-11) RM150

Normal Annual Pass
Adult RM275
Child (3-11) RM210

Opening Times: 10am - 6pm.

Attractions: Main Theme Park, 4D Theater, Kids Driving School, Legoland Hotel, Lifestyle Mall

Construction Status: 40% complete (Completed!)

Legoland Themepark Malaysia construction (Pic by The Sun Daily)

For future updates, please visit the official Legoland Malaysia Website. 

Ticket Prices for Legoland Malaysia Update:

Tickets for Legoland Malaysia are RM140 (US$44) per adult and RM110 (US$35) per child, with an RM30 rebate for MyKad holders. Read the end of the Pre-Opening Annual Pass.

The ticket price for an adult in Legoland, California, is around US$69 (RM210) per day, so there are a lot of guesses on how it will be priced here in Malaysia.

I am pretty sure that there will be Family Package Tickets and promotional prices for the opening. The park is also targeting about 1.5 million visitors annually.

For those who want to do some shopping, there are the recently opened Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) in Iskandar Johor.

Legoland Malaysia Location Map

Where Is Legoland Malaysia

KidZania Kuala Lumpur is also for family theme parks, which are now open in December 2011 (Delayed to early 2012). So there are several kids and family interactive theme parks in Malaysia now.

Final Thoughts on Legoland Malaysia Review

I am sure that most of you would have had some experience playing with Legos in your younger days. I clearly remember my uncle from the UK, who brought a massive Lego Box Set as a gift when I was about seven years old.

That alone kept me busy for many years, so you can imagine the thrill of visiting an entire park filled with these little colourful bricks. See Legoland Johor opening pictures during my visit there. I hope that you have already made your way to Legoland Malaysia.

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Henry Williams said…
this should be very interesting
Lily Riani said…
why not disney, it will be the first disney with MOST halal eateries.... it be sooo easy for muslim and will be able to draw so many tourist especially from middle east.
Henry Lee said…
disneyland might not be the new thing so i hope legoland will make it and i cant wait to visit that place in future :)
Malaysia Asia said…
Henry - I agree that it should be interesting.

Lily and CleverMunky - I guess this will be the first of 3 planned theme parks in Iskandar. We have the land so one never knows what may be planned for the future.
Oh wow! New attraction. Something my baby daughter will love. Yey!
Malaysia Asia said…
Pinay Travel Junkie - Thanks. From my point of view, something I would be excited about too :)
Recife said…
I grew up playing with Lego, you should be pretty cool to know this space.
Malaysia Asia said…
Recife - I think most of us in out 30s-40s would clearly remember Lego from the early days. How can I not enjoy Legoland in Johor?
azland said…
Lily/CleverMunkey, there wont be any disneyland in m'sia, particularly in nusajaya, johor. it will competing directly with universal studio. disneyland r not interested at all. what nusajaya need is theme park that is not competing directly with universal studio. that why they come up with legoland. Legoland is for family, suitably with children under 15. universal studio is caterred for adult and teenager. what nusajaya needs is something different, like wet n' wild & seaworld in brisbane, disneysea tokyo, seaworld orlando.
ly1712 said…
Just came from reading about Legoland Florida. Thought of googling Legoland Malaysia and here I am. I really am excited for this park!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE OPENED
terbaik lah.....harap jangan gadaikan tanah malaysia utk org asing
9w2zxz said…
Homestay Johor Bahru.
016 7698969

Pakej Lego Land coming soon.

20 minute sampai Lego Land.
gavikrixn said…
I can't wait to take my family esp my elder son there. He is crazy over Lego. Soooo glad that Legoland is coming to Asia;)))
sfo said…
I am a Johorean, i do feel proud of being a Johorean as at least our country will have another place to go especially bring our childrens out for family day. Good for our country economy. By the way where is the place of this Legoland ?
Another place to go in JOHOR, good news for us johorean!
Anonymous said…
when and how to booker ticket?
Anonymous said…
Hi All,

The online purchase is ready. Go here...

Purchase your unlimited entry to LEGOLAND® Malaysia now and enjoy unlimited entry on all regular opening days up to 3 months in year 2012 and the entire year 2013!

SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICE (Promotion ends, 16th April 2012)

Adult : RM 195.00
Children (age 3-11) : RM 150
Senior Citizen (age 60 and above) : RM 150

NIL said…
It will be opened in September 2012. It's confirmed. Hoo ray!!
Anonymous said…
I hv bought the annual ticket in jan2012. It stated the validity 1jan12. Can it be used during official opening in sept?
Canx wait for the opening day. Hope it can speeden up.
jayden lee said…
i wish i can go and hv fun there:)
Unknown said…
i wish i can go there;)
Anonymous said…
Do not visit Legoland Malaysia especially during hot weather or else use sun block before enter the park! Not enough cover area ! Almost burn under the sun...crowded everywhere especially while queue for the game. Can't compare with universal studios singapore! Not interested to enter again after 1st visit due to tired queueing, waiting, hot .. Small fan fixed at waiting and queue area! Especially 4D theatre...waiting area suppose install of air cond and covered all around ....