Pictures of Klang, The Royal Town

Pictures of Klang, The Royal Town in Malaysia. This former capital of Selangor state in Malaysia was short lived from the year 1974 to 1977 until Shah Alam became the current capitol. Klang or Kelang as some people still refer to has been around for many centuries since the early Sultanates of Malacca and has always had a royal connection to the place. Back in 1874, even the British administration had control over this place for a good 6 years. While current day people would know the place being famous for the great local food, it is also an upcoming urban dwelling area apart from being the main gateway to some of Malaysia's busiest ports and access to some of the beautiful coastal towns. 

Many locals from around the Klang Valley namely Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and even Kuala Lumpur make their way to Klang Town for the famous Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶), a Herbal Pork Soup meal which seems to have the originated here while creating headlines in neighboring countries. Many may debate this matter but the reality shows that history was in fact right and has made southerners realize the truth. Another fancy fact is that people from all areas would drive hours just to eat this popular Hokkien dish here. Apart from the many types of local delicacies here, one can simple explore the place with a camera and capture some beautiful photographs. Below are some of the photos I took while I made my way on foot around Klang Town minus the food pictures.

Minaret from one of the mosque here

A mosque in Klang Town

Floating Mosque of Klang

Parrot Fortune Telling Services

One of the old buildings known as the White house of Klang

Sunset at Jambatan Kota in Klang

While Klang is easily accessible via road and train, the areas here are well spread with a famous Little India street, seafood restaurants around Teluk Gong and Pandamaran area, old heritage buildings and interesting places of worship throughout the town. For those seeking cooler situations, there are shopping malls which are very up to date. For those who plan to spend a day here, weekends are the best time to visit as the traffic is much more relaxed. Walking around would be one of the best methods to fully see the town area.

Golden domes of a mosque

Little girl feeding pigeons 

Little boy checks out the Parrot Fortune Teller in Klang

Just so you know, I am no professional photographer and only use a Nikon D60 DSLR Camera with standard kit lens. I learn along the way and enjoy my time in this. Seeing the actual thing in real life is always the best thing and pictures are to remind me of the beauty around.

Throughout my explorations around the state of Selangor, I would easily say that Klang is one of the places I have been on many occasions for the good food and recently for the Selangor Photo Carnival in Klang organised by Tourism Selangor in June 2011. The fun event took many photographers on a picture hunt around the old town here where over 150 keen photographers participated in this. With that, I managed to win a consolation price with some of the Pictures of Klang I took.