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My 7 Travel Links

Barbara Weibel from Hole in the Donut, a well seasoned travel writer whom I had the pleasure of meeting on one of my trips to Penang, Malaysia has invited me to participate in a fun travel blogger exercise called “My 7 Travel Links”.

The goal of the project, which is the inspiration of Tripbase, is to share lessons learned and create a bank of past but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again. So with no further ado, I give you my seven links below; 

My Most Beautiful Post:
Among all the articles I have published, I have to say that my most beautiful post would be Tanah Lot Sunset in Bali Picture. I don't know why, but the timing was perfect in every way.

My Most Popular Post:
I don't know how to say this but in late December 2010 and early January 2011, I ran an online travel contest called 'Travel Contest January 2011' where I gave out a total of USD$5,500 in cash and prizes. That article gained over 2364 likes on Facebook and was spread like wildfire in the Southeast Asian online community. 

My Most Controversial Post:
Not that I am a controversial writer but one of my early postings about the Naga Jolokia, Worlds Hottest Chilli in Kuala Lumpur sort of  sparked many locals telling me that I was wrong about this. They did not really reply in the post but the number of emails I got from local Malaysians telling me it was not the jolokia. Till today, I will never know if it was indeed the chili or a hybrid.

Bandung Rumah Mode
Rumah Mode Factory Outlet in Bandung, Indonesia

My Most Helpful Post:
Probably from the emails and replies I have gotten from my Bandung Factory Outlet Hotel List in Indonesia. I think this would be the mot helpful posting I did. Many people emailed me directly to ask about information though it was all put on the site. Till today, I still get messages on email and facebook asking about places to stay which are near the factory outlets. 

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me:
Usually I write about travel related articles and once in a way, I would highlight some articles on concerts, fairs and events around Malaysia for those Southeast Asians who travel for this. My one article, Justin Bieber Concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, went ballistic with replies and shares on facebook and so on, I could not believe that the article managed 100,000 page views over a span of 20 days and this totally surprise me.

Aquarium at The Green Connection in Sabah Borneo

A Post That I Felt Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved:
As I try to promote Eco related places around Southeast Asia, one place called The Green Connection in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah which is a self-funded Eco-theme park, Marine research and Educational center did not meet many of my readers interest. Maybe people are still slowly accepting this over here.

The post that I am most proud of:
At the moment, nothing seems to have hit that note but I would say the articles I write about Malaysia's Largest Travel Fair called the Matta Fair August 2011 at PWTC Kuala Lumpur. For my own personal reasons (and not paid), I would troll the fair for all three days meeting all kinds of people, talking to them and even interviewing them about travel venues and packages.

This is where I get first hand information about certain places I plan to visit and also about the loopholes and 'tricks' used to lure unsuspecting travelers. I then share my experiences in my articles informing the public about the pros and cons of visiting a travel fair in Malaysia. I have been doing this for the last 3 years too.

And now it’s my turn to nominate five other travel bloggers to share their 7 links, drum roll for;

1. Nellie Huang from Wild Junket
2. Brendan from Brendan's Adventures
3. Isabelle from Isabelles Travel Guide
4. Simon from Wild About Travel
5. Elaine from Trail of Asia


Elaine Chung said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the nomination. Btw, awesome Tanah Lot sunset in Bali photo..love it!

Islandvacations said...

Excellent blog posts indeed... Stumbled your blog in "My 7 Links: Bloggers Nominated So Far" of Tripbase Blog and found time visiting it more so that we are neighbors in Southeast Asia. I am planning to visit Kota Kinabalo with my wife and your post on "The Green Connection in Kota Kinabalu Sabah" is really a great resource for the travel plan I am preparing.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Elaine and IslandVacations. Lets hope this trend keeps going.

Nancy @ Dream Travel Vacation said...

Hi David...yours is the second blog I have come across about "My 7 Links". I enjoyed reading your blog. And am going to check out your nominations on other bloggers. :-)

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Nancy, thank you for the kind words and I myself have read a few of them. Great viral effect too. Hope it heads your way.

riitaa said...

this my first visit in this blog great post and nice information you have shared

Malaysia Asia said...

Riitaa - Thanks very much and glad you like it. Please do subscribe to my newsletter.