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Hat Yai Food Picture

Hat Yai Food Photo

Here is a photo of some interesting Hat Yai food which I took during a visit here in 2010. This busy town in Southern Thailand that borders Malaysia is a very popular destination for many local Malaysians who visit the place over the weekends.

Hat Yai is also known for great Thai Food and is also very popular for shopping and entertainment.

But one has to be careful of quality when shopping here as cheap does not mean good, therefore you need to really shop around for quality items.

In the picture above, you see some really huge freshwater prawns grilled and ready to be eaten which was sold by local vendors along the main area where Central Hat Yai Shopping Mall, Hotel Novotel and Hotel Centara are located in town.

I visited Hat Yai for the first time in 2010 where we had a stopover for a night before heading back to Kuala Lumpur via bus.

That night, I explored the main city area seeking some local Thai Food when I chanced upon many stalls selling deep-fried and grilled food. Barbecued Seafood was hot on the list here as many stalls were seen selling them.

Apart from the general things to do, you can also visit the Phu Pha Phet Caves which is about one and a half hours drive from Hat Yai town.

Don't forget to check out the amazing Floating Market in Hat Yai when you visit as you will be in for a surprise with the types of local Thai food being sold here.


If you love all things Thai food, then Hat Yai is one of the places to check out, as they have quite a different palate compared to Bangkok or other parts of Thailand.

This is Southern Thailand, and the people here are more inclined towards the lower gulf region of Southeast Asia, hence the food also quite unites.

Overall, eating in Hat Yai is probably the number one things that most Malaysians will do, but again, there are many other things to do besides looking for food in Hat Yai.


Henry Lee said...

never been to hatyai before but the prawns look really good! :D

Unknown said...

wah, you just made me feel so hungry for prawns! they look expensive though

CathJ said...

Oh mannnnn.... yummy!!! ^_^

Malaysia Asia said...

Henry - You should make a 2D/1N trip there one day.

Ishan - If I remember correctly, they were about RM28 I think...

Cath - Calories!! :)

Wahyudi said...

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Phil Younghusband said...

good food + good place = perfect

Malaysia Asia said...

Wahyudi - Thank you very much!

Phil - Absolutely spot on!

Henry Williams said...

Wow they look really delicious nice pic

Nisha said...

Yes, I have been there and I have clicked very similar photo of giant prawns.
There is a high possibility that it's from the same shop as well!

Nisha said...

Here is the link http://twitpic.com/6o3v0l