Sitting Buddha Statue in Kelantan Picture

Sitting Buddha Statue in Kelantan is my picture of the week. This is the largest sitting Buddha statue in Asia and located in the small area of Tumpat in Kelantan, North East of Malaysia. The state also borders Thailand and has a stunning 26 Buddhist Temples in the area. The name of this temple is called Wat Machimmaran and was completed in the year 2000. It took skilled craftsmen from Thailand about 10 years to build this statue which is 30 meters high and 18 meters wide.

Beautiful temple grounds

For those who plane to visit this beautiful temple, the location of this is at a local village called Kampung Jubakar in Tumpat, Kelantan. The temple grounds also occupy an area of over 2.4 hectares which include many other smaller shrines. It is one of the places where popular celebrations like Wesak, Chinese Lunar New Year, Chai and Lakathor are held.

View of the Sitting Buddha Statue from the front of the temple

Coming here for the first time really made an impression for me. I was in awe when I saw how huge the statue was as having heard from friends, I assumed it was much smaller that this. Exploring the temple here found many other interesting sights which I will share in my upcoming article. As this is my picture of the week posting, you can also read about my Visiting Kota Bharu in Kelantan article. I had a field day photographing every part of this temple as there was hardly anyone here during my visit. Among my favourite pictures, I have to say it was the Sitting Buddha Statue in Kelantan.