Malaysia Airlines New Airbus A380 Plane Picture - Sneak Preview

Malaysia Airlines New Airbus A380 Plane Picture - Sneak Preview of the air plane going through the 60% building phase. As you can see the body is in its original green and yellow coating and yet to be painted. The tail fin has already been fitted and painted with the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) logo. I was on an invitation to the Airbus Factory in Toulouse, France to witness the building process of the A380-800 plane at the at the Jean-Luc Lagardere station. While here, I also visited the delivery section where another Malaysia Airline Airbus A330 plane was ready for collection. The new Airbus A380 is one of the 6 planes which was ordered back in 2003 and this first unit is to be delivered by early 2012. Speculation on the routes are yet to be confirmed but it is most likely that the A380 will be used for the KL - London route. As for the interior design and seating capacity, tentatively it is set at 508 seats with a surprise for the business and first class seating design.  

Nose, center and forward fuselage of the MAS A380 plane

From this process at station two where general tests on electric and hydraulic systems are conducted while mobile parts and landing gears are tested and then the four Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines will be fitted under the wings. Final checks will be conducted outside the hanger before the plane is sent to Hamburg for the final interior fittings and paint job. 

Belly fairing for the A380 plane

As I was approaching the Malaysia Airlines A380 plane, I saw many of the parts which were to be fitted on to the plane along the main walkway. Some of them come in huge containers and they look systematically laid out like air-fix parts. As you can see in the picture above, that box was for the A380 belly fairing. The technician simply takes the entire container to the plane and fits them accordingly to the sections. 

 The Malaysia Airlines logo on the tail fin of the Airbus A380 plane 

While in Paris, I also managed to attend the 49th Paris Air Show 2011 which was held in Le Bourget, France. My first international airshow and it was absolutely amazing.

Update: Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 makes maiden test flight and lands in Hamburg, Germany - Oct 2011

The first unit of the MAS A380 Plane made a test flight from Toulouse, France and landed safely in Hamburg, Germany. Here are exclusive pictures of the Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 Plane on Test Flight and Landing.

Tengku Azmil, CEO/MD for Malaysia Airlines

The CEO and MD of Malaysia Airlines, Tengku Azmil was also here during my visit and he gave a press release to the Malaysian media who were also present along with Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad (CEO of Malaysia Airports) and Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha, Minister in the Ministry of Transport Malaysia. With this, I along with many travelers are looking forward to the Malaysia Airlines New Airbus A380 Plane next year.