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Langkawi Duty Free Shopping

Duty Free Shopping in Langkawi
Langkawi Duty Free Shopping is a must for all travelers that visit this beautiful island in the Andaman Sea, just north of Malaysia and very near Thailand.

Located just north of Penang and at the south of Thailand, Langkawi is a tax free island sells some of the cheapest items found in Malaysia. As many would head to Langkawi for a holiday, you simply cannot miss the shopping offers they have going here.

Langkawi Duty Free Shopping

Most of the duty free shops are found around the town of Kuah so if you are staying at other places in Langkawi, you should at least make a day trip to town for some serious shopping.

Among the items that are in demand with locals are cigarettes, liquor, beer, chocolates, luggage, sports shoes, perfumes and cooking ware. Yes, cooking pots are a huge thing here for the ladies as many places sell them really cheap.

duty-free shops in Langkawi
One of the duty-free shops in Kuah

When you arrive in Kuah town, you will notice that there are no tall buildings here. The main area is small and you can easily walk around from shop to shop.

There are about 20-30 duty free shops here including a few supermarkets. Most of the shops operate out of normal shop lots here and are found concentrated in the center of town.

Every time I visit Langkawi, I will make it a point to stop in town and get my fix of shopping here. Chocolates for the relatives and liquor for my personal collection are some of the must-buy things for me.

Langkawi Duty Free Cigarettes
Duty Free Cigarettes sold at Langkawi

Langkawi Duty Free Shops
Eastern Native and Zeno Duty Free Shop
Langkawi Duty Free Alcohol, Liquor and Chocolates

One of my popular places I like to shop is at Eastern Native Duty Free in Kuah town. They are located in the center while their neighbor Zeno Duty Free also caters to a good selection of whiskeys and liquors.

These two places seem to offer very reasonable pricing for all their items, but I would like to share a tip with you. When you buy chocolates from duty-free shops, you should always check the expiry date. 

The trick used by all shops would be to 'Buy 2, Free 1' or even 'Buy 4, Free 2'. Note that usually these chocolates are reaching their shelf life and they are trying to clear their stock. Unfortunately, this happens at all duty free outlets in Malaysia. 

Langkawi Duty-Free Chocolates
Duty-Free Chocolates - All kinds available

For those who enjoy drinking alcohol, the well known duty free shop in Langkawi is called Teow Soon Huat, which is one of the major outlets with the most competitive prices on the island.

Located just out of the main town at the Parade Center, you would probably need a taxi ride or a 15 minute walk from town center. They are known to sell the cheapest beer, wines and whiskeys on the island.

As they carry most of the international alcohol and spirit brands, and if you do not find something that you want, just head back to the Kuah town area and visit other duty free liquor shops. 

Luggage Langkawi Duty Free
Luggage bags on sale

Langkawi Duty Free Luggage Bags

Apart from the usual chocolate and alcohol sold at the duty free shops in Langkawi, there are also many other items to buy here. Among them are Luggage Bags which are dirt cheap.

They are mostly non-branded bags but offer travelers a very cheap option. A 26" inch bag would cost about RM30 (US$10). Most of the brands here would be under the Polo branding too.

They carry sizes from 24" right till 36". Here's the catch, though they look presentable and non-branded, they actually last quite long. I bought a 24" Polo Travel Bag over 5 years ago and I am still using it till today.

Cooking Items Langkawi Duty Free
Branded cooking pots and pans on sale

Langkawi Duty Free Cooking Ware

Duty Free Cooking Ware is abundance over here and housewives will go crazy for the prices they are being sold. Top brands like Tefal, Corning Ware, Luminarc, Visions, Corelle, Pyrex, Acropal and La Gourmet are sold all over town.

Some of the bigger duty free shops which look like supermarkets seem to carry a much wider range than the smaller shops. So if your vice is cooking, then you have visited the right place.

The prices are very cheap compared to the retail pricing and you can save up to 70% on selected cookware here. Most of the retailers would offer unbelievable promotions in the front of the store to lure you in too.

Duty Free Perfume Langkawi
Perfumes from all over the world sold here

Langkawi Duty Free Perfumes

Duty free perfumes in Langkawi are also making a impact with specialty shops opening in the main town area. You get all international brands sold at very cheap prices, but you really need to check on the products.

Sometimes the duty free perfumes are even cheaper than the airport duty free shops, so if you are a perfume lover, do check out some of the selections available around Langkawi's Kuah Town or Pantai Cenang.  

Sports Shoes Langkawi
Duty Free Sports Shops in Kuah Town

Langkawi Duty Free Sports Shoe Shops

Sports fanatics would be happy to know that there are a few Duty-Free Sports Shoe shops in Kuah Town too. One of the famous outlet called Al-Ikhsan Sports Shop sells some of the top brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma here.

They also sell apparels, bags and other sporting items with prices that are really cheap. Another Australian brand called Cult sells some awesome beach and surfer wear items in town too. Walking around, I must have noticed at least 3-4 sports shops here.

Langkawi Duty Free Cameras

There are also duty free cameras and accessories, wine, clothes, bags, cosmetics, cigars, toys and so on spread throughout town so when you are here, take you time and walk about here as you would not want to buy something you see in a hurry.

If you find something better, you would end up buying more than you expected. As for Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) there are not many outlets offering duty free and if you do see some, note they would be not as complete as the places in Kuah Town.

Here's another tip. When you buy your liquor or whiskeys at some of the duty free shops in Langkawi, you should ask them if you can get a cheaper price if paying by cash.

As credit card payments would be full prices, some of the outlets offer a 10-15% discount if you pay by cash. This apparently only works for bottled liquor sales.

So check with them. Also if you plan on buying duty free at the Langkawi Airport, you should know that the selections there are not as good as what you get in town. Plus the prices are slightly higher too. 

So when having your holiday here, do spare some time exploring the many outlets around the island offering Langkawi Duty Free Shopping. Who knows what you may end up buying? 


Ordinary Traveler said...

I always skip out on the duty free shopping when traveling since I'm not much of a shopper, but I know a lot of people love this stuff!

Vivien said...

Any tips on which shop(s) where one would find cheap (Canon) digital camera's?

Jozef @ Where Now said...

I love finding a bargain in a foreign country! Looks like there are loads to find here!

Malaysia Asia said...

Ordinary Traveler - You sound like a light traveler. But for RTW travelers, duty free will only take up more space in the bags.

Malaysia Asia said...

Vivien - I think there's only 2-3 shops so best would be to check TSH.

Jozef - If you ever visit Langkawi, just be prepared to spend... if you are a shopper :)

Vivien said...


adventureswithben said...

Duty Free Shopping - uniting the world one traveler at a time!

Malaysia Asia said...

Vivien - TSH = Teow Soon Huat, one of the largest duty free shops in Kuah, Langkawi.

Ben - lol, imagine all that beer!