The Bund in Shanghai Picture of the Week

The Bund in Shanghai is my Picture of the Week. Taken on a very cold April night in 2010, I personally would like to revisit Shanghai again due to how impressed I was with this metropolitan city. As my Malaysian friends working there took me out for an amazing dinner, we then hit The Bund (外滩)to see how beautiful it was at night. A little bit of history here - The word "bund" means an embankment or an embanked quay. The word comes from the Hindi-Urdu word band, which has Persian origins and meant an embankment, levee or dam.

Famous for the old buildings and wharf which is just beside the famous Huangpu River, this place divides the old and new Shanghai which is Pudong. In the early days, this was the main financial hub of China with many multi national banks and trading houses having their businesses here. What remains now is the beautiful architecture of an era gone by. For those visiting to catch the beautiful lights at night, please take note that they shut the lights off at around 10pm. Another place to have a fantastic view would be from across the Huangpu River and from one of the bars up top the tallest buildings in the world where you can see the entire stretch of The Bund in Shanghai.